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How Companial Helped Conclusion MBS to Develop a Well-Defined Migration Plan for Dynamics 365 F&SCM


About Conclusion MBS
Conclusion MBS was founded in 1997, and with a team of committed experts, helps organizations with their digital transitions towards the Microsoft Business Applications, such as Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, Business Central & Customer Engagement. Conclusion MBS also offers managed services, licensing, and subscription models.

Niels Vringer

Delivery Manager, Conclusion MBS

The Importance of Finding a Reliable Partner

“Enabling our customers to reach their goals and exceed their expectations through their digital transformation is what drives our success. Observing the tangible result of their use of the applications in their business is what truly makes us happy.“ – Niels Vringer, Delivery Manager, Conclusion MBS

Conclusion MBS serves clients within the branch of wholesale, manufacturing, and retail, but also serves some clients in professional services and the public sector.

“We appreciate our clients’ unique way they run the business, including the process. That‘s why we strive to provide them with the best possible service“, shares Vringer.

Conclusion MBS is constantly looking for ways to help drive their customers’ business growth. As the Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management team at Companial has already performed over 200 BestPath Assessments and has earned the trust of Dynamics Partners around the world, Conclusion MBS easily chose Companial as their trusted partner to help their clients transition to the digital future.

“Our search for a reliable technical partner to collaborate with ended the moment we had our first meeting. From that point on, we knew that we had found the right connection for a successful working relationship. With Companial’s expertise in technology and our focus on business, we can come together to create success for our customers. Together, we make a powerful team”, shares N. Vringer.

Challenges Encountered Prior to Choosing Companial for the Migration Project

Conclusion MBS selected Companial‘s BestPath Assessment for two of their clients. One of the clients had a heavily customized AX2012 solution. Conclusion MBS wanted to help the client with the transition towards Dynamics 365, however, they did not have all the necessary capability available to upgrade the customizations.

“That‘s why, together with Companial, we did the BestPath Assessment. We wanted to investigate how our client is using their system, what the technical risks are to do the upgrade as well as to get insights into the scope and to determine the to-be situation”, shares Niels Vringer.

Another client wanted to migrate from AX2012 R3 towards Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management with Companial’s contribution. The implementation is currently in progress and, according to N. Vringer

“so far, there have been no major issues or setbacks. The project is progressing smoothly and moving as expected.”

“Working with Conclusion MBS was easy due to their active involvement in the BestPath Assessment workshop. Through our successful collaboration, we were able to define a tailored migration path that perfectly suits their customers’ needs.”

Paulius Brezgys Lead D365 F&SCM Solution Architect, Companial

How Companial Helped Conclusion MBS Exceed their Clients‘ Expectations

Using the BestPath Assessment service as the initial step to move towards Dynamics 365 helped Conclusion MBS assist their clients both from a technical and business perspective.

“We had a clear scope after BestPath Assessments were done, so we knew exactly what we wanted to upgrade, what challenges we were going to face during the process, and determine what the situation would be like. Most importantly, we had a clear scope based on the solution and on the budget,“ explained N. Vringer

Would Conclusion MBS Recommend Companial to Others?

“From our very first meeting, we established a strong connection. We were impressed by their technical knowledge and ability to work closely with Microsoft Partners. Working together we‘re able to put our best efforts to ensure success. Working with Companial means working with great people who are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who excel in their work.“

“We had 100 % Trust that we put the solution of our customers in the hands of a reliable partner.”

“We were able to speed up the diagnostic phase of our upgrade projects within at least 50 % and get a reliable outcome.”

Companial’s BestPath Assessment Services Helps Dynamics Partners to:

Save time by using constructed approach

Outline a well-defined path moving forward

Achieve a fixed-price proposal for the solution migration project

Reduce potential risks with upfront evaluation per current customizations

If you’re still in search for the right path to migrate your customer’s current AX solution to the newest Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Supply Chain Management, choose our proven BestPath Assessment service!

Get in touch with your local representative or reach us out via email service@companial.com

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