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Traser Software


We tried to host it on Azure resources on our own but realized that this is not the way we want to go.

Traser Software GmbH is a Microsoft Business Central Partner, working with Agriculture and Construction Machine Dealers. Hauke Lamb about Companial Hosting on Azure: “In any support question we might have, we always have someone who knows what it is about and can answer every question very quickly. You have a very good team

“It’s not really part of our business [Azure hosting] and if we only have a few customers and we are taking care of everything this is not a good way to go. Being a Companial partner we looked at the offer from the Self-Provisioning Platform, we started with a few customers, and we were very convinced and now we have more than 2500 users.”

Find out more about Companial’s self-provisioning for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central on Azure service.

Hauke Lamb

Managing Director, Traser Software GmbH

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