Center of Excellence for New Dynamics 365 Applications

Thursday, May 18, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

The Companial Center of Excellence for the new D365 applications implementation aims to help Partners meet their customers’ needs!

We recently spoke with Linas Sneideris, VP of Services at Companial, about the need for the Center of Excellence (CoE). Read what he shared:

Q: Why did Companial introduce the Center of Excellence?

A: The world is changing, and the pace of change is ever-increasing, the same applies to the Dynamics ecosystem and the new D365 applications are being introduced at a rapid pace!

Q: Why is this relevant to our Partners?

A: As a Partner you might already have a lot of work with the Dynamics workloads you are in, thus you might not have enough time and resources to invest in the capabilities to be ready to implement the new D365 applications.

Seeking to secure your accounts and earn additional margin without having to significantly increase your team, you can tap into the large pool of experts at Companial, who will work on your behalf to help you tackle the changing needs of your customers.

Q: Even more importantly, why is this relevant for our Partner’s customers?

A: At the same time, your customers are growing, and their needs are evolving, thus these new D365 applications are becoming more and more relevant to them. If you are not able to tackle their needs, there will be someone else who can!

Q: Why work with Companial’s CoE for new D365 applications implementation?

A: Win new or secure existing customers who need new D365 applications. Increase your license sales revenues by selling the licenses of new D365 applications. Start entering new Dynamics workloads by starting the first projects with Companial. No need to invest in support capabilities after the implementation, you can use Companial‘s Managed Services which will be provided on your behalf.

Q: Can you elaborate on the applications on which the CoE is focusing?

A: We are offering capacity and capability for D365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Project Operations, Field Service, Intelligent Order Management and Digital Contact Centre Platform implementation.

Q: Thanks Linas for the insights – what would be your advice to our partners?

A: I would like to share with partners the quote of Jack Welch, which I like a lot – “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”, so keep up with the pace and exceed the expectations of your customers utilizing Companial’s CoE!

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