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Blisss Software on the value of being part of the Companial community


Blisss Software, located in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, has been working together with Companial for a long time. The three ‘S’s in Blisss stand for Step by Step, Together and Successful. To become even more successful in customer projects, they decided to become part of the Companial Dynamics community. We asked Nicky Jansen, Team Lead of the Marketing & Sales Team from Bliss Software, about their experience with the partnership, as they are using several Companial services Companial.

About Blisss
Blisss is a Business Central and Power Platform Partner with 60 employees. Their target groups are SMB companies that are IT focused and in wholesale, production, and professional services. Started in 2007, Blisss is one of the earliest Companial Partners. The marketing & sales team is focused on relationship management, new business, and marketing activities.

Blisss distinguishes itself from other Dynamics Partners by focusing on the business and not just the software. See more here.

Nicky Jansen

Team Lead, Marketing & Sales Team, Bliss Software

“We want to be successful together with the customer, we have a lot of interaction and transparency. Thinking with the customer is very important, we face challenges together. We are good at translating business processes to the software.”

Blisss has also been successful by investing in talent.

“We work together with colleges in the region, to give interns and graduates a workplace where they can develop themselves. This helps us to solve the lack of capacity that exists in the market.”

Joey Willemse, Partner Success Manager at Companial, met Nicky from Blisss Software to discuss the added value of being a Companial member.

About Knowledge

Joey: What do you value most when working together with Companial?

Nicky: “Companial is an important partner for us for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that Companial shares a lot of knowledge with the partners. There is a lot of information that Microsoft communicates to the market. Companial communicates the information to their partners in a way that is understandable and relevant.
Companial also gives partners a voice towards Microsoft. An example is the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. Companial has given feedback from the partners to Microsoft. This has resulted in significant changes. The changes have made it more realistic for us to achieve the designation.
We have transacted our licenses with other distributors in the past, but we have noticed a big difference in service. Because Companial only focuses on Dynamics, there is a lot more knowledge.”

Dynamics Partners that are not part of the Companial community have less knowledge. You can say that the Companial Partner is the best informed partner.

About Partner Management

Joey: Companial has had the honor of working with Blisss for many years – what do you value most in this care?

Companial takes good care of their partners. We have our Companial partner manager who, together with the partner care team, gives us good advice about licenses and has a network within Microsoft.

Nicky: “To give you an example: last year we acquired a new customer that used Navision, and we had troubles with ordering the Business Central licenses on time to be able to get the Bridge to the Cloud promotional licenses. We needed a quick response from Companial and our partner manager assisted us immediately. He connected us with the right people within Companial and Microsoft. This helped us with getting the licenses in time which resulted in a satisfied customer.”

About Community

Joey: Companial is aiming to support the Dynamics community at its best. What is your experience with the Companial Community?

Nicky: “We have customers with headquarters in the Netherlands and other offices in countries like the United States, Germany, and Malaysia. We need to work together with Partners from these countries on the projects. Companial is a network of worldwide Partners and connects us with these Partners. We work together with other Partners for the knowledge about localization which is needed during the implementation. Afterwards the customer can receive support from the other Partner, which is easier because they work in the same time zone.”

About Lead Generation

Joey: You have chosen to participate in Companial’s Take the lead program. What is your experience?

Nicky: “Companial has a lead generation program where leads are shared with partners. Companial connects us with the lead and they recommend us which gives us a strong position. The quality of the leads is high and it has resulted in new customers. Business acceleration is very important for us and Companial assists us with the lead generation program.”

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