Novature launches a new worldwide Microsoft Dynamics partner platform

Thursday, July 21, 2022
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Leusden, The Netherlands, 21 July 2022 – Novature is a new international platform of Microsoft Dynamics Partners that launched in July 2022. With 350 employees, Novature has an expected turnover of more than 150 million euros. Novature  is an initiative of two established Microsoft Dynamics parties: Companial with offices across Europe and DycoTrade in Aalsmeer.

Novature concentrates on Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications and Power Platform. Novature is ambitious in its growth plans and wants to join forces internationally with other Dynamics Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to support partners and customers in their digital transformation. “Digital transformation is the core of the growth for companies all over the world,” says Novature’s Louis Rustenhoven, CEO. “Our vision is that we will only be able to manage this when we act as a collective platform together with specialized Dynamics partners. The focus is on IP, but the platform also supports resourcing, technical and business services as well as training. It is the perfect starting point for partners and their customers to benefit from the advantages of a modern, scalable and specialized Microsoft-based business application platform.”

Novature offers Dynamics ISVs access to a pool of knowledge and resources, which is difficult for individual companies to gain access to. “Novature will attract innovative business leaders who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with other businesses,” says Arie Willem van de Plas, CEO of DycoTrade. “Novature offers literally hundreds of years of Microsoft Dynamics experience. Our partners and their customers benefit from expertise in the area of Business Applications which is second to none.  This is how to stay relevant as a partner and customer in this rapidly changing world.”

Companial is one of the companies which partnered with Novature at the launch. Companial is a leading Microsoft distributor of Cloud platforms for more than 1,000 Dynamics implementation partners worldwide. In the past few years Companial has expanded its services in areas such as training, outsourced development, migration and upgrade services and more recently to provide an ISV Marketplace. Within Novature, Companial is able to take its partners’ services to the next level by opening up horizontal and vertical IP on the Dynamics platform for these partners.

Novature’s goal is to add Dynamics ISVs with (horizontal) IP to its platform by means of a buy-and-build strategy in the coming years. DycoTrade is the first ISV on the platform. DycoTrade has been providing Dynamics software solutions since 2001 with applications in commodity trading for the worldwide supply chains of the food, feed and metal sectors. In addition, DycoTrade also supplies horizontal applications such as currency exchange and tax calculation. All DycoTrade solutions are based on Dynamics 365, making DycoTrade one of the leading Microsoft ISVs in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Both Companial and DycoTrade remain independent companies within the platform, operating under their own brand. Novature was established thanks to an investment of the investment company Quadrum Capital.

About Novature
Novature is the new holding company of Dynamics businesses that share a similar ambition: to digitally transform business of all sizes through business applications based on Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform. Novature is founded in July of 2022 with the merger of Companial and DycoTrade. 

Ursula Koller