What is Microsoft AIM Modernization Center?

Companial is your premier destination as the Microsoft AIM Modernization Center.

Exclusively serving Dynamics and Power Platform Partners, we are your dedicated source for tools, assessments, and expert migration guidance. Empower your journey with us, as we guide you to build migration expertise and seamlessly embrace AI productivity in the cloud.

What is Microsoft AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move)?

AIM is Microsoft’s initiative to guide customers from on-premises to the cloud, ensuring seamless adoption and unlocking the power of AI productivity. AIM services for Partners include:

The services are delivered by Microsoft and its certified Partners, like Companial, for: 

How Can Companial Help You as a Partner?

Companial is one of the few certified AIM Modernization Centers worldwide and can help you in every step of your journey to activate, innovate, move, and maintain end customers.

Our services not only help you to assess the path to Business Central online for your customers, we can run the migration from any legacy version of NAV or Business Central to Business Central online, in case you need to host the legacy solution on the Azure cloud, we offer our self provisioning hosting services to you and last but not least, we can advise and provide you with all needed cloud licenses for Microsoft’s cloud services and 3rd party ISV through our CSP marketplace. 





Standard Migration Assessments

Advanced Migration Assessments


Technical consultancy & migration team trainings

Move to cloud execution using Companial’s team

Licensing advice and support

Puzzled about how to activate, innovate, move, and maintain end customers in the cloud?

Why Should You as a Partner Help Customers Move to the Cloud?

  • Microsoft Bridge to the Cloud 2 Promotion offers a 40% discount during a 3-year term when migrating Dynamics 365 on-premises commercial customers to most Dynamics 365 online products licensed through the new commerce experience (NCE) subscription.
  • New attach licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service customers (bundle with discounted license price) offer customers a way to do more with less.

Unlock Financial Rewards with the AIM Incentive Program's Fixed Payout

Elevate your partnership with Companial for a guided path to financial success.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into Microsoft’s incentive programs and gain valuable insights.

Accelerate with NAV/Business Central Upgrade Assessments

Assessment is the first step in the customer’s journey to the cloud. Companial is here to assist with two flavors of the assessment.

Product Upgrade Analyzer AIM Assessment Report
Companial’s online estimate tool to assess NAV/BC solutions and get a fixed price for 5 BC on-premises and BC online migration options.
Companial’s online analysis tool to assess NAV/BC solutions and get the AIM Assessment Report (a foundation for MCI activity-based incentive before June 2023), enabling scoping a migration to BC online and showcasing the value of it.
Free of charge for all Dynamics Partners.
1,000 EUR for Companial members, 5,000 EUR for non-members.
How to order

Download the Companial one-pager to find out how to gain access to the AIM Assessment Report.


A fixed-price Dynamics NAV/ BC migration proposal that includes: 

  • Solution analysis (database information, modification level, and changes by functional area) 
  • Migration project scope for the chosen migration strategy 
  • Project timing 
  • Pricing, payment terms, and warranty 
  • Additional services enhancement
  • Migration methodology 
  • Executive summary with the migration effort estimates. Provides preliminary scope with a rough estimate of effort based on two migration strategies: the full upgrade and Clean Start. 
  • A review of migration strategies. Provides information about the process and key details of the full upgrade and Clean Start migration strategies. 
  • The solution functional assessment. Provides assessment of database and add-on information, customization level, changes by functional area, solution complexity, and functional changes in different Business Central versions.  
  • The solution technical assessment. Provides solution customization analysis alongside preliminary code and existing integrations review.
  • Customization assessment. Provides the full list of technical limitations to migrate to the cloud and helps evaluate on-premises customizations and implemented ISV solutions.  

Based on the fixed-price proposal, Companial can provide the capacity to execute technical migration services at the Partner’s request.  

To find out more, contact your local Companial subsidiary.  

AIM Assessment Report is a foundation for MCI activity-based incentive. Partners can find out more about the conditions to claim the incentive in Microsoft guidelines.

Find our services on Microsoft AppSource: Technical Migration Services, Upgrade Analyzer, AIM Assessment Report

Stressed out by the overwhelming amount of information to digest?  Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Companial is here to help you navigate the maze of information and guide you towards a clearer understanding.

World-leading Dynamics Partners trust Companial:

"I would definitely recommend Companial to other Partners. It is invaluable to have someone of their experience and expertise help you make the right investments for the future."

Daniel Schmid Chief Portfolio Officer, COSMO CONSULT

"A clear yes in recommending Companial! We saved a lot of time and resources. That means we could deal with the projects better and deliver them earlier."

Rainer Bickel CEO, Ability GmbH

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