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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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With this article, we fulfill our promise to share with you the key highlights and our resolutions following the recent annual partner satisfaction survey, which was focused on the operational touchpoints (such as order handling, partner support, billing, and others) of Companial’s licensing service. We believe that being fully transparent with you – our partners – builds trust and keeps you motivated to share your expectations and feedback going forward to help us constantly improve.

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Key highlights of the Companial partner satisfaction survey (focused on operational touchpoints of Companial’s licensing service)

Participants: Employees of Companial partners directly engaged in operational touchpoints of Companial’s licensing service.

Compared to last year’s survey dedicated to this audience, this year we happily witnessed your – our partners – active engagement in this activity which led to double the responses. Thank you so much for your effort! We take it as a sign of our partners strongly caring about our mutual partnership and their willingness to take part in co-creating better experiences, firstly by sharing expectations and feedback with us.

Satisfaction with the overall experience with operational touchpoints: On the given scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best possible experience), close to 70% of respondents rated their experience at 4 or 5, giving us an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5, which is a positive evaluation, but still giving us room to better meet and exceed our partners’ expectations. We also discovered a link between partner satisfaction and the membership level. The higher the Companial membership level a partner obtains, the higher the level of satisfaction with the overall service experience it brings.

Satisfaction by major touchpoints: To better understand what is going well and what may not be at the major operational touchpoints of the service, we asked our partners to evaluate their experiences at a more detailed level such as order handling, receiving support, and billing. Overall, aspects related to partner care contact persons (responsiveness, problem-solving skills, ability to guide a partner) were rated in the range of 4.1–4.2 (out of 5) on average. High, but still keeping us ambitious to further strive to meet and exceed partners’ expectations. This goes hand in hand with another positive finding – when asked about what partners appreciate the most in their partnership with Companial – the personal attention – partners mentioned the direct contact and the competence of people they work with at Companial as the key components that they would shout about to the market and recommend to others.

Figure: Satisfaction for the aspects related to partner care contact person (scale 1-5)

At the same time, we’ve discovered that based on partners’ evaluations, there are two areas – invoicing and providing partners with more convenient ways to find specific information in the Companial partner portals – which require more of our attention. This message is received. In 2022, we already started driving major initiatives in the billing area, as well as integrating Companial partner portals for a better user experience. Partners will start experiencing the first tangible results in these areas very soon.

Well, what’s next? How will it change my experience as Companial partner?

We’ve read every comment you’ve shared with us in this survey. Trying to understand the patterns and the root causes. This led us to the following priorities where we made resolutions to invest our efforts in order to meet and exceed our partners’ expectations:

  1. CSP invoicing and billing automation: In the high-volume play of the cloud business, the traditional way of billing and invoicing might not be the most efficient way for a partner. Through talking with our partners, we’ve realized that instead of striving to provide even more details and angles in the final invoice documents (which adds even more complexity), we could create more value for our partners by digitalizing the billing process. Recently, we’ve introduced a toolkit which bundles a sample code along with our guidance, so partners can import data from our systems and perform end-customer billing in a digital and more efficient way. Now the billing is a play of the structured data. This approach supports various partner billing scenarios, so you as a partner can configure, map, and adjust imported billing data to YOUR own scenarios. We’ve already piloted this toolkit with around 20 partners (some of them stated that thanks to this approach they can now save up to 20 hours monthly on billing-related actions). If you haven’t done this yet, reach out to your local Companial contact to investigate this opportunity.

  2. Keeping consistency and quality of partner care high: “Personal attention, direct contact, competence of your people”. We are super glad that such comments dominate your answers when asked about the strongest parts of your experience with Companial in the survey. This does not make us rest and feel comfortable, for sure. To keep Companial partner care standards high, no matter what person you are served by or which region you are served from, we have an extensive plan in place for 2023 to further develop skills and processes in the partner care area (including but not limited to people upskilling activities, adjusting internal standards and reporting, etc.)

  3. ONE new home for Companial web portals: We are making a major shift in bringing our portals into ONE online home for all Companial services, so our partners can benefit from the unified experience and one entry page which branches off to all the services they might need. Our partners will start experiencing the first tangible results in this area very soon. It’s an extensive project in which we are determined to constantly bring enhancements to make the partner digital experience with Companial more valuable, smooth and enjoyable.

Thank you once again for providing your honest feedback. It definitely highlights the areas where we could create even more value for you – our partners.

Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene

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