About Companial

The Companial mission is empowering every Dynamics Partner to exceed expectations! Do you want to be part of the most preferred community and the center of expertise for every Dynamics professional in the world?

How it all started

Our story begins in 2022 as Companial, but our foundation was laid years ago. 1ClickFactory was founded in 2009 and is an experienced provider of (automated) technical services to Microsoft Partners. QBS Group was founded in 2013 and operates as a value-added SMB Distributor to the fastest-growing international network of Microsoft Partners. After years of close cooperation, both organizations decided to join forces and serve the market together as Companial 


Companial belongs to Novature. Novature consists of an effective mix of companies that significantly improve channels in IT and Telecom.

As Companial we

Serve a network of over 1000 Microsoft partners in 75 countries.

Work with a team of over 200 fanatical Microsoft experts

Always perform our work with a personal and local focus from our offices in 7 different countries

“Both QBS Group and 1ClickFactory have been critical success factors for Microsoft’s Dynamics Small and Medium Business approach in the past. Now that both companies will become one, they can create great experiences for partners and customers, so this is fantastic news for entire Dynamics eco-system”.

Mike Morton General Manager Dynamics 365 Business Central at Microsoft Corp.

“Both QBS Group and 1ClickFactory have a successful history of serving Partners in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. We will keep that focus on Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform.”

Louis Rustenhoven CEO Companial

“We have enjoyed services from QBS Group and 1ClickFactory in the past and they have helped us to accelerate our cloud transition, so we are looking forward to have a more comprehensive offering for Dynamics partners in the future”.

Paul White Executive Chairman of The NAV/365 People

    The 4 pillars to success


    It’s challenging for a Microsoft reseller to keep track of everything, including the market, your customers, your prospects, the Dynamics Partner network, and news coming from Microsoft. That’s why Partners use the Companial community to stay informed, benchmark with other Partners and learn and develop on both product and commercial level. 

    Companial has a robust relationship with Microsoft. The advantage of this close relationship works two ways. On one hand we can assure that Companial Partners are the best-informed Microsoft Partners in the world. On the other hand, we can inform our Microsoft counterparts when clarity or support is need by the Partners in our community. 


    Dynamics Professionals take advantage of Companial’s competency to help them understand the latest products and licensing structures through webcasts, training, support, and best practices of other successful Companial members.  

    With Companial you can grow and add value to your business with a practice built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform developments. Companial will support you at every stage of that journey.  





    Microsoft Dynamics Partners are operating in a growing market and are often confronted with a shortage of capacity. Therefore, it makes sense to analyze how and where you spend your precious time and resources. Companial can help you to keep your focus and effort where it really matters by taking certain execution activities off your hands. Things like upgrades, data migration, and extension maintenance are all typical activities that can benefit from our scale and automation-oriented approach, allowing you to focus on those activities that can bring optimal value to your customers. 

    At Companial, we are fully focused on helping Partners to get rid of their biggest capacity killers. 


    You can expand and add value to your business with an ERP or CRM practice built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities. Companial will support you at every stage of your Microsoft journey.  

    Dynamics Partners increase their capabilities using Companial services to provide knowledge where needed. This could be on challenging upgrade projects for NAV/BC, the start of a new Power Platform practice, smart solution maintenance for your Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain Management solution and more.