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Business Strategy Workshop

Sit down for a moment and sharpen your strategy together!

Running a business is all about finding and following the right strategy. As much as that sounds like sequential steps, it is in fact a process of constant iteration. Our business strategy workshop forms the perfect instrument to evaluate on your game plan so far and sharpen your strategy moving forward.

Our Business Strategy Workshop is only available to Companial Members. Not a member yet? Check out the complete membership offering over here:

1. Reflect

Take the time to reflect with an internal and an external view. What is your story? Where is the market? And are the two still aligned?

2. Benchmark

An intake questionnaire is used to map your performance onto the Companial Compass. This also enables us to do a benchmark with the 1000 other Partners in our community.

3. And… action!

An updated strategy is worthless without an execution plan. That is why the workshop always ends by drafting a plan with concrete actions. Together, we define how we secure and measure the process, and determine where Companial can be of help.


Our workshop takes the form of a defined process delivered in way that is tailored to your needs. Depending on your core Microsoft workload (Business Central, Finance and Supply Chain Management, CRM or Power Platform) and region, our most qualified and experienced Companials will lead your workshop.

Request your workshop through your local Partner Success Manager or simply fill in the form!