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Every Dynamics Partner is here with one core mission: to digitize business processes through IT.

However, determining how to best serve your customers is not a one-time puzzle to solve as our market is subject to constant change.

We are here to help every Dynamics Partner adapt, respond and grow faster.  

Be the best Dynamics guide for your customers

In an ever-changing and rapidly innovating environment, your customers need to rely on you as a trusted and versed guide. To ensure that you are the best-informed Partner out there, Companial keeps you up-to-date with all relevant Microsoft news and updates through our newsletters and webinars. Moreover, we believe in personal and direct engagement through your local Partner Success Manager and Licensing support teams. By understanding what is going on in the Dynamics market and the impact it will have on your customers’ businesses, you can make a difference. 

Bringing value to your customers depends on the competency you as a Partner bring to the table. The Companial Academy aims to grow your organization’s skill set from sales to development. The Learning Journeys make learning a constant and guaranteed process, for your latest recruits as well as for experienced consultants and developers. 

Forget about technical showstoppers

Your customers demand cloud applications which allow fast and agile implementations, plug-and-play integrations, and real time data analytics. As a Partner, you understand the technical complexities involved in making this a reality. 

Striving to be a end-to-end distributor, we set ourselves apart through our expertise and in-house capacity to support you in these technical challenges. Whether it be development efforts, upgrade projects or continuous solution maintenance, we can help with it all.

Join the largest Dynamics community

Bringing your customers the benefits of an all-cloud IT practice is not an individual operation. By joining our community, you can leverage the experiences of over 1000 other Dynamics Partners and discover additional (ISV) solutions that might be a good fit for your customers’ needs.

Moreover, we put you in touch with the driving forces behind the development of Microsoft Dynamics products. This engagement with Microsoft works two-ways, as Companial gives our growing group of successful Microsoft Partners a voice.

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How we work

At Companial we are strongly convinced that a B2B partnership is all about people. Working with Companial is based on personal relationships, open communications and local presence. We look forward to connecting!

As a Microsoft distributor, we do not believe in just a transactional cooperation. The core of our membership model is based on adding value and ensuring the long-term success of your reseller business. Your success is our success, is our motto. 

When you join Companial, we define the level of engagement in the Membership option that fits your needs. 

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Having years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics, we are keen to provide all technical support for Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform. Our technical services are available to all Dynamics Partners.

To learn more about our technical services for Dynamics Business Central, Finance & Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing and other Dynamics 365 apps please review the ‘Services’ section on our website or explore our offerings here below.

"With more than a decade of experience in helping Partners stand-up Dynamics 365 and Power Platform practices, Companial has a proven methodology for empowering small to medium business (SMB) Partners to succeed."

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