Business Central

Extension Maintenance

Extension compatibility with the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version for a fixed price.

Business Central Online solutions have to keep up with Microsoft’s release cycle. While updates happen automatically, there can be incompatibilities with new releases. To address these incompatibilities, we offer an Extension Maintenance service, to ensure Extension compatibility with all upcoming Business Central versions for a fixed monthly fee.

Benefits of Extension Maintenance for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Reduce financial risk

Ensure customers’ business continuity with a consistent, quality service with predictable costs.

Achieve scalability

Ensure efficient capacity utilization that allows you to scale up business activities during periods of high demand for updates.

Increase revenue

Grow profits by setting a favorable margin based on the consistent fixed monthly cost.

Overcome Breaking Changes in New Business Central Releases with Automated Tests

Extension Maintenance includes the testing of solutions before each Business Central release. This helps to identify functional issues in the early stages and fix them in a timely manner. Based on the Extension size, we give recommendations on the number of automated tests that need to be built. If Partners don’t have the tests, we can develop them.

“We wanted to do automated testing for our solution, but I knew it would be very time-consuming to prepare the automated tests, so we contacted Companial to deliver that as a service for us and I was very satisfied with the result.”

Georg Böhlen CEO and Founder at gbedv GmbH & Co. KG, OPplus