Thinking of Becoming a Member of Companial?​

Join the Largest Microsoft Dynamics Community in Europe.

July 16th,

10am – 2pm GMT


Reading, Thames Valley Park

Whether you are new to selling Microsoft Dynamics, already have a Dynamics Practice or you are selling competing solutions, we’re here to help you.

Come and meet us. Express to us what area of Dynamics Business Applications you want to focus on, we’ll try and bring either a specialist from Companial with us, in person to meet you, or we’ll try and get a Microsoft Valued Professional to come and help you understand how we’ll all help you work in this exciting and ever changing space.

We have Partners in nearly every vertical and across every industry. Ask us about P2P.

We can discuss, any of the following:

You will meet – Matthew Lansley,

Matt will be able to answer most if not all of your questions around Why Companial and “Where next with Dynamics?”. His time in this space has exposed him to all verticals and industries along with those pesky changes Microsoft likes to throw out there, occasionally. Matts network inside Companial and Microsoft allows him to help get answers you need fast (if he doesn’t already know) while also focusing in on the area of highest impact within your business from our Partnership. His ‘Whiteboard Sessions’ will give you that high-level overview you need to see what your roadmap looks like with us, how Microsoft fits in and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. When will you come and do a whiteboard session with him?