ISV Partnership

Increase sales of your ISV Solution by taking advantage of our partnership and the largest community of Dynamics Partners!

To support you in growing your business, Companial offers the ISV Partnership, dedicated to building and extending your current Partner channel. Our highly experienced team can help you improve the quality of your network and generate more business. In this way, an ISV can focus on what they do best: building a great solution.

The ISV Partnership consists of engagement on marketing activities and a distribution agreement tailored to your needs and solution delivery process.

The marketing activities included in the partnership are:

For more information and pricing within your market

The distribution agreement is tailored to your specific needs and could consist of the following services:

Discuss your optimal delivery process

Companial ISV Navigator

If you are a Dynamics reseller looking for a relevant ISV solution, it can be a struggle to select the best option. Especially if you start your search in extensive collection bins, like AppSource or Google. That’s why we created the Companial ISV Navigator. In the Navigator, relevant and pre-qualified ISV solutions are presented in a consistent and clear way.

As part of the ISV Partnership, we will add and maintain all relevant information about your solutions with the goal to grow your business amongst the entire Companial community.

Companial Marketplace

The Companial Marketplace is the ordering platform for all Microsoft Resellers in our community. By selling your ISV solution through the Companial Marketplace, you can skip a lot of the effort usually involved with order confirmations, credit checks, and billing. You as ISV can benefit from the automated sales and delivery flow, while the resellers in our community are also served better, since they can order ISV solutions with just one click on their frequently-used CSP transaction platform.

Want to know more about the Marketplace and the ISV Partnership?

“You gave us good impulses and helped us to think outside the box”


“Our most positive experience was with how training was handled”


”They helped us with the branching strategy. Also, they now help us with breaking into extensions.”


“I have been able to learn a lot from Herman's experience in ISV.”