Finance and Supply Chain Management

Solution Maintenance

Remain confident with the newest Finance and Supply Chain Management solution updated continuously and functioning properly!

After your customer’s Dynamics AX solution is migrated to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (formerly F&O), there are automatic Microsoft platform updates rolled out every 6 weeks. It is mandatory to make these updates at least twice a year as a even a one-time opt-out could result in an unidentified error appearing in the production environment.

What can Solution Maintenance service help you attain?

A clear strategy

Define a clear strategy for how to maintain your customer’s solution


Reduce financial risks and ensure your customer’s business continuity with a high-quality service


Manage changes in workflow and have the required updates performed effectively and on time

Ready for the testing

Ensure that your customer’s solution is ready for automated testing

Solution Maintenance Service Process

1. Testing Readiness Assessment

Gaining an understanding of your customer’s newest Finance and Supply Chain Management solution in terms of the automated testing requirement, creating a clear plan to bring the solution up to the required standard for the automated testing.

2. Partner’s Enrollment to Subscription

Creating automated test cases to get your customer’s solution ready for the Finance and Supply Chain Management automated testing.

3. Solution Maintenance Subscription

Delivering timely and full attention to your customer’s solution to ensure that it is always tested and compliant with the latest Microsoft updates for the Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Our Solution Maintenance service makes your and your customer’s lives easier. With this service and our versatile expertise, we reduce any potential risks after having the required updates by creating test cases for each update, performing the testing, and maintaining the solution afterward. We ensure that the customer feels secure, and has a well-functioning system because each update is well tested and ready to use!


Make sure you’ve downloaded our Solution Maintenance service description and service-related handouts to find out more about the service!

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Solution Maintenance Service Description