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Companial’s CSP Indirect Provider Assessment

Monday, August 22, 2022
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Companial is fully aligned with the CSP Indirect Program requirements

In February 2022, Microsoft Corporation and Information Security Systems International assessed Companial (formerly QBS Group and 1ClickFactory) to Microsoft’s CSP Indirect Program requirements.

This assessment acknowledged Companial as:

Companial came in well above the necessary score with 95% on the assessment for fulfilling the key CSP Indirect Program requirements: Capability to Operationalize, Ecosystem and Business Scale Capacity, Geo and Business Need Coverage, Support Infrastructure, Enablement Services, Financial & Risk Mitigation. The assessment also identified the following key strengths Companial displays to successfully build, educate, and assist its channel to grow:

The assessment advised strengthening Companial’s offering on the sustainability training to resellers, utilizing Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

As Companial is fully aligned with the CSP Indirect Program requirements, so are Companial Partners – use the Companial Partner badge to back up your promise of quality and excellence.

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