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Tuesday, June 20, 2023
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Starting in October 2023, meeting the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) requirements and attaining a Solutions Partner designation will become mandatory to qualify for Microsoft incentives.

Many Microsoft Silver and Gold Partners are concerned about losing the benefits provided by the Microsoft Partner Program, Channel Incentives, as these benefits are only available through the Microsoft Solution Partner Designation. However, there’s no need to worry because you can rely on Companial’s expertise!

To qualify for the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation for Business Applications, partners need to achieve success and accumulate at least 70 Partner Capability Scores (PCS) points across the Performance, Skilling, and Customer Success categories. Skilling is the first area you should focus on. Plan your training and certification preparation accordingly to fulfill these requirements. This will provide you with a solid baseline of up to 35 points for Business applications.

To qualify for Solutions Partner status, it is crucial to score at least one point in each of the five categories: Net customer adds, Intermediate Certs, Advanced Certs, Usage Growth, and Deployments. Consequently, at least one person must obtain an “Advanced Certificate.”

As there is no Advanced Certification for Business Central, the only suitable alternative is PL-600, that is Power Platform Solution Architect level accreditation.

That’s why we have now included the PL-600 in our Business Central Learning journeys. Our Learning Journeys now cover all the necessary content to prepare for Intermediate certifications: MB-800 and PL-200, as well as the advanced certification PL-600.

Explore our comprehensive Learning Journeys and secure your success in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP).

Don’t miss out on valuable Channel Incentives and benefits. Order now to stay ahead and achieve your Solutions Partner designation.

Andy De Rosa

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