Strategic alliance of Companial and Celigo enables accelerated time-to-value for Dynamics partners

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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Celigo and Companial announcing strategic partnership

Celigo, the leading enterprise-wide iPaaS, and Companial, the largest international network of Microsoft Dynamics Partners, have joined together to provide automation solutions for Business Central users in Europe.  This partnership will allow Dynamics partners to accelerate time to value by automating processes across their entire business.

Celigo’s  core mission is to bring automation to the masses by empowering everyone in a business to create or deploy integrations. With an automation platform (iPaaS) for IT and business teams, Celigo enables rapid integration and automation of processes across all departments’ applications to make the entire enterprise more agile and accelerate business growth. Celigo solves integration challenges on the premise that integration should be easy and simple, regardless of how powerful the underlying applications are.

Companial works with an extensive community of independent software vendors (ISVs) and more than 1,100 Dynamics Partners worldwide. Companial’s dedicated and highly experienced experts enable ISVs to improve the quality of their solutions and generate more business. This way, an ISV can focus on what they do best: building a great solution. In addition, the Companial ISV MARKETPLACE makes it easy for ISVs to present their solutions to the Companial Partner community in a consistent and clear way.

 “Celigo’s partnership with Companial combines Celigo’s best-of-breed automation platform with the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner network in Europe. This partnership will provide Companial’s Partners with the opportunity to extend their lines of business and to provide additional services that will deepen their relationships with their customers,” said Gert-Jan Wijman, VP Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Celigo. “As a result, those customers will get the enterprise-wide automation capabilities they need to realise operational efficiencies and prepare their business for scalable growth.”

This partnership represents a perfect match, with Companial supporting ISVs with a marketplace to promote and leverage their solutions.

“All our end customers need integration over and beyond. Maintaining integration is exceedingly difficult and Celigo is solving it all for our ecosystem, partners, and end customers”, states Herman van Leeuwen, ISV Lead at Companial.

Join forces to accelerate time-to-value

Celigo has a proven track record accelerating time-to-value with thousands of customers in various industries, from fashion to finance and everything in between. Now Companial and Celigo will extend this expertise and make it available to Business Central users in Europe.

Companial Partners will see several benefits from this partnership. They will receive managed services through the Celigo platform and trainings through the Companial Academy. Those companies needing more support can use Companial services to develop and maintain integrations on the Celigo platform.

Ursula Koller

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