Our partners, ​ your benefits​

Working with a Companial member means choosing the quality and security of the largest and fastest growing Microsoft Dynamics network in Europe.​

Companial is a distributor for Microsoft Dynamics and supports its partners with a wide range of value-added services in the areas of: 

These services allow the Companial members to continuously improve their own productivity and the quality of their customer offers and services. 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Application Development 
  • Cloud Platform

The Companial Core Values​




Companial members are very experienced in their market segment and leaders in the planning, implementation and support of holistic Microsoft business solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s).

Thanks to the services that we as Companial offer our partners, they can further professionalize their services towards you and to make them more efficient and cost-effective for you as a customer.

As an end customer, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the growing network of Companial members.

By choosing a Companial member, you are choosing the right solution, its successful implementation and excellent support.

Companial’s closeness with Microsoft also directly benefits Companial members’ customers.

If you want us to help you with finding the best partner for you, contact us today.