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Direct Banking

Manage your bank accounts safely

Direct Banking offers a user-friendly bank integration for Bank Statements and Payments. The solution is based on direct integration so bank related files are no longer required. Your bank statement is synchronised directly within Business Central (Bank-Giro / Financial Journal) where the individual statement lines are matched automatically. You can save up to 80% of your time spent on processing the daily statements in Business Central. Payments are created by the Telebanking Module and sent directly to the Payment Provider for authorisation using your regular (internet) banking credentials.

Full Description

Securely links all your corporate bank accounts in Business Central to the Ponto banking platform (part of Isabel Group) in accordance with the European PSD2 and Open Banking legislation.
Most European banks are connected to the Ponto platform, including ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, ING, AXA Bank, Belfius, bpost bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, Triodos.
By using Direct Banking, you will safely automate a substantial portion of your financial administration resulting in significantly reducing the risk of human error and time spent on manually importing bank statements and/or initiating payments.
Daily synchronizations allow you to start your daily transactions with an up-to-date bank statement and reconciled bank transfers.
Payments are based on the standard Business Central set up for your localization. This is the Telebanking module for the NL localization and EB payment journals module for the BE localization. Export your payments directly through the bank run to the Ponto platform with no files required. Authorize within your own banking environment. The completed payments will be imported and reconciled with the next synchronization.


Why use Direct Banking?

  • Save to up 80% of your time processing bank statements in Business Central.
  • Connect multiple (international) bank accounts to Business Central.
  • Daily bank statement available in real time.
  • Automatic reconsolidation for over 90% of your statement lines.
  • Initiate bank payment from Business Central.
  • Send bulk payments directly to your bank.
  • Use G-accounts (blocked account) for supplier payments.


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