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Azure Blobs Made Simple: For Non-Developers

With the move to the cloud, developers lost the ability to access local file systems from AL. The Universal Code Initiative then made on-premises solutions less attractive. The solution to both these issues has typically been Azure Blob Storage, which neatly fills this gap. However, this introduces an additional system with associated costs, responsibilities, and maintenance that we previously didn’t have to worry about. That means the decision to go for Blob Storage impacts the business side of things as well as development.

If you’ve ever asked a developer how much a decision will cost, you were likely greeted with an “it depends” kind of answer. And that’s true, it does depend. In this webinar, we will unpack exactly what it depends on. This is a Blob Storage explanation for non-developers. By the end, you too will understand what blobs are, why we need them, what we need to consider, and what impact they will have on your business and applications.

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