How Companial supports Peacock to differentiate!


Peacock Software, located in Veenendaal in the Netherlands, is an expert in intelligent automation and helps their customers succeed digitally. They joined the Companial community in 2020. Read on to learn why they decided to become part of the world’s biggest Dynamics community.

About Peacock Software

Peacock Software is focused on Intelligent Automation, which means that they support their customers in Business Intelligence. They do this with Power BI in Azure and the Power Platform tools: Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Pages. With a team of 22 employees, mostly consultants and developers, Peacock supports customers like Mitsubishi and Qantum. Peacock has a wide range of target groups, and is active in construction, infrastructure, wholesale, manufacturing, and professional services. The company size ranges from 100 to 3.000 employees.

Wilbert van Leeuwen

CEO, Peacock.

How does Peacock differ compared to competitors?

Peacock has created standard IP for Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate that is sold for a fixed fee. This makes it very transparent for the customers. The Peacock consultants have a lot of knowledge about business processes besides the IT knowledge, which makes it possible to work together with the customer and be an advisor.

“For us the most important aspect is that a customer actually uses the applications that we have built. We have a relationship with our customers where we keep building solutions for them for years.”
Wilbert van Leeuwen is one of the two founders of Peacock.

About being part of the Companial Community

Peacock has been a Companial partner since 2020. This is when Microsoft started offering RPA with Power Automate, and they were looking for a partner to transact the licenses.

Peacock values the Community of Companial as the most important aspect of the relationship. Companial offers a community with more than 1.000 Dynamics Partners throughout Europe. The Companial Connect conference is biannual networking event for Companial partners. “The events are great opportunities to connect with other Partners”, states van Leeuwen.

“Companial really stands out compared to other Partners when it comes to maintaining the community. They try to actively connect Partners so that they can work together on customer projects”, says van Leeuwen.

As an  example, he mentioned the newly formed partnership with Companial partner SucceedIT. SucceedIT  is a Business Central Partner that was looking for a Power Platform Partner to work together. “Our Companial Partner manager connected us with them and it is still a successful partnership”, adds van Leeuwen.

About Partner Management

Another aspect of Companial membership Peacock appreciates is the one-to-one partner management. “We have periodic meetings with our partner manager to discuss the latest developments. This can be about licenses and changes in the Microsoft ecosystem. This keeps us up-to-date. We are currently developing an Azure application that is connected to Business Central. We meet with our partner manager to request being connected with the Business Central Partners in the Companial community.”

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