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Navigating the Dynamics 365 Transition: Anaxco's Journey to Operational Excellence with Companial's Support


About Anaxco

Anaxco is an IT company that helps medium-sized businesses prepare for ongoing changes in logistics and beyond. Established in 1998, Anaxco has consistently delivered excellence in the fields of Business Intelligence and Transport Management Systems. Anaxco’s primary commitment is to ensure they meet the increasing demands of their valued customers. This commitment drives their team of experts to develop cutting-edge, intelligent software solutions, positioning them at the forefront of the digitalization revolution.

“At Anaxco, we stand out through our customers’ transformative journey with our Dynamics 365-based transport management system. Despite initial challenges, they discover the true magic when the solution is successfully deployed, and their pride in this achievement is incredibly rewarding for us,” shares Dietmar Haveloh, Key Account Management at Anaxco.

Looking forward, Anaxco is planning to expand into the industrial sector, where companies also require transport solutions for their goods. This represents a new market for them, reflecting their ongoing commitment to delivering effective solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

Dietmar Haveloh

Key Account Management, Anaxco

Navigating challenges faced by Anaxco before partnering with Companial

In 2010, Anaxco developed a transport management solution based on Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012 (now Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations). While it initially served its purpose, transitioning to Dynamics 365 was a challenge.

We lacked certainty in terms of performance, database usage, and technical migration. Although the solution worked for several customers, those migrating from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 sought a faster solution with the same familiar functions. This posed a significant hurdle as two worlds collided,” shares D. Haveloh.

To tackle these challenges and meet their customers’ functional requirements, they enlisted the support of Companial, a member of the Dynamics 365 Partner Network.

We were deeply impressed by Companial’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. It became abundantly clear that they were the right choice as our Partner, aligning perfectly with our dedication to providing top-notch services,” says D. Haveloh.

Companial's role in steering project success

“We engaged in a collaborative effort with Companial, sharing our coding and database architecture. Their expert guidance allowed us to assess differences, identify improvements, and ensure the effectiveness of our solutions. The collaborative work and support we received from Companial have been exceptionally valuable in every aspect,” explains D. Haveloh.

Are you facing technical challenges like Anaxco did during their transition to Dynamics 365? Companial can be your Partner in success. Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and expertise can help you overcome hurdles and ensure project success.

To learn more about how Companial can assist with technical application management, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Let us help you navigate the path to a smoother and more effective transition!

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