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Seamless Transition to Business Central Online: High-Quality Migration for Multitenant Solution



UAB “OIXIO” has a 25-year history, previously operating under the name UAB “Columbus Lietuva”. OIXIO is based in Estonia, Lithuania and Germany, with a workforce of over 230 individuals and a client base of more than 1000 customers in the Baltics. Following a rebranding initiative, OIXIO has broadened its service portfolio, moving beyond its core focus on ERP to include offerings in IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and business advisory services.

In the realm of ERP business, Dynamics 365 Business Central stands as OIXIO’s flagship offering, solidifying its position as one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the CEE region. The company has internal teams dedicated to the implementation, development, and support of Business Central.

Its clientele spans diverse industries, with a predominant focus on serving manufacturing sector customers through Business Central. Additionally, OIXIO maintains dedicated teams catering to customers in the financial and HR (including Payroll) sectors, providing both Business Central and Finance & Supply Chain Management solutions.

Žilvinas Žukauskas

Business Central Implementation Team Manager, OIXIO

OIXIO's Efforts Towards Business Central Online Migration

One of OIXIO’s long-standing manufacturing sector customers was considering a migration to Business Central online. Initially, this customer opted for the Companial Self-Provisioning platform due to their unreadiness for Business Central online. However, OIXIO has persistently advocated for the migration to the online platform since then. One of the key driving factors behind this move was the unavailability of certain functionalities in the on-premises version that are accessible in Business Central online. Additionally, the customer wanted to upgrade from Business Central version 17 to a newer version.

One of the challenges OIXIO faced in this migration process was the large-scale customer corporation, where processes unfolded at a slower pace. The customer had a sizable IT team characterized by personnel rotations. Moreover, the customer engaged another partner based in Sweden for consultation concurrently with OIXIO. This necessitated ongoing discussions between OIXIO, the Swedish partner, and third-party add-on providers regarding the migration process and the specific functionalities required for Business Central online.

The decision to outsource to Companial for this migration was made based on Companial’s specialized expertise.

“For Companial, migrating solutions is a routine task, allowing them to execute migrations quickly and with high quality. That’s why, for this particular customer, I opted to outsource to Companial without hesitation. They possess the necessary expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient migration process. Moving forward, in similar scenarios, I would continue to rely on Companial for their established proficiency. We prioritize their reliability and proven performance over experimenting with new approaches,” explains Žilvinas Žukauskas, Business Central Implementation Team Manager at OIXIO.

OIXIO's Journey with Companial in Streamlining Migration

OIXIO collaborated with Companial right from the project’s inception. Initially, the customer considered upgrading from their Swedish system to either Business Central or Finance & Supply Chain Management. Eventually, the decision leaned towards Business Central, which would be hosted on the Companial Self-Provisioning platform.

The subsequent phase involved migrating to Business Central online.

“I trusted Companial and felt more secure outsourcing this service to them because they utilize their own servers, and we avoided the need for our customer’s on-premises servers. Since the solution was already hosted on the Companial Self-Provisioning platform, we preferred to maintain continuity and execute the migration without transferring it to different servers,” says Žilvinas Žukauskas.

With minimal customization in the solution, the most efficient path to Business Central online was migrating all existing data. Post-migration, attention turned to exploring Extensions and Apps from Microsoft AppSource to address any specific customized functionality requirements in collaboration with the customer.

Migration to Business Central Online Process

The customer has been migrated from Business Central Extension on version 17 to Business Central online (version 22). The project comprised the following steps:

This project was non-standard because it involved multitenant migration to Business Central online from a Self-Provisioning platform. Simona Urbonaite, Lead Developer at Companial, took a strategic approach by executing the migration in several phases. This included migrating from Business Central version 17 to version 22 on-premises, converting databases (DB) to a single tenant format, and subsequently migrating to the latest version of Business Central online.

“We had two localizations, South Africa and Sweden. We migrated the South Africa localization to online, while the Swedish localization remained in a Sandbox after the pre-live migration. The Swedish localization serves as a repository for historical data access. Throughout the process, communication with the Partner on Teams was efficient and consistent. We completed the live migration ahead of schedule on Saturday, as requested by the Partner, and the entire process went very smoothly,” says Simona Urbonaite.

Collaborative Success in Migrating to Business Central Online

“I am highly satisfied with the technical migration team at Companial, particularly with Simona. Every member of the Companial team involved in this project demonstrated a positive attitude, consistently provided assistance whenever needed, and conducted their work with remarkable efficiency,” says Žilvinas Žukauskas.

The Partner emphasizes the key benefits of Companial’s service, including competitive pricing, timely delivery, and high quality. The pricing for the upgrade project was well-received by the customer, and OIXIO encountered no issues with it. Although they did not conduct a price comparison in the market, the customer promptly agreed to the Companial price, indicating its adequacy. The upgrade project adhered to the agreed timeline, with only a few minor technical issues encountered, which Simona, Companial’s lead developer, efficiently resolved. Overall, Companial delivered a high-quality service, as evidenced by the absence of any customer complaints since the completion of the project.

“I highly recommend Companial to other Microsoft Dynamics Partners. The Companial team has extensive experience in migrations, which ensures excellent quality and instills trust among Partners. I strongly endorse Companial, especially when time is of the essence and you need efficient results,” says Žilvinas Žukauskas.

High-Quality Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrades with Companial

Companial has over 14 years of expertise in facilitating successful upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics Partners, regardless of the complexity of their Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central solutions. Leveraging this extensive experience, we adeptly address any challenges that may arise in a timely and risk-free manner, while also offering cost-effective upgrades. By using automation tools such as the Upgrade Analyzer and C/AL to Extension Analyzer, Companial streamlines the upgrade process, saving up to 70% of the time typically required. We offer a free upgrade project assessment, a fixed price proposal, and a free upgrade project warranty for up to 3 months, enabling Microsoft Dynamics Partners to deliver optimal service to their customers.

Request our upgrade service today for a FREE upgrade analysis, or reach out to your local Companial representative with any inquiries.

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