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AI for Microsoft Dynamics

Are you keeping a close eye on the ever-evolving world of AI?

Feeling overwhelmed with the rapid updates and advancements? Wondering how AI will impact Microsoft Dynamics? Join us on this exciting journey of leveraging AI for Microsoft Dynamics and driving business success like never before!

Microsoft in a strategic direction to evolve its products with AI

Microsoft delivers enterprise-ready AI with the Copilot System, an engine working behind the scenes to combine the power of LLMs, including GPT-4, with the Microsoft apps and business data – now accessible to everyone through natural language.  

For a high-level overview of the primary concepts of AI and the technologies behind it, check out this training: Introduction to AI technology.  

Practical Examples to Maximize Your Dynamics Customer’s Productivity with Microsoft Copilot

Nearly 9 in 10 business users want to apply intelligent solutions to more tasks, so that they can focus on the work that really matters.
Source: Four Ways Leaders Can Empower People for How Work Gets Done

Recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications were enhanced with natural language processing capabilities to help organizations drive business outcomes, improve operational efficiency, and create exceptional customer experiences.

Microsoft 365: Unleash Creativity and Productivity

Microsoft embeds natural language processing tools driven by AI technology, into Microsoft 365 and enables a whole new way of working: more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, and more productive in Outlook. See The future of work with AI (Microsoft March 2023)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Content Suggestions and Call Recaps

Microsoft Viva Sales revolutionizes the way sellers work by integrating with Microsoft Outlook and Teams to augment a seller’s actions and decisions with AI-powered insights and actions. Chris Parkes, Dynamics 365 Program Manager, on the benefits of Microsoft Viva Sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Copilot provides agents with 24/7 AI-powered assistance to help them find resources that will let them resolve issues faster, handle cases more efficiently, and automate time-consuming tasks so they can focus on delivering high-quality service to their customers. See Copilot in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service in action

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing: Query assist and Content ideas

With Copilot, marketers can ask questions using natural language to explore, analyze, and understand customer segment sizes and preferences—no need to be a SQL expert or wait for other teams to process their requests - allowing them to get a deeper understanding of their customers in near real-time.
See Query assist in action
See Content ideas in action

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Product descriptions

Copilot suggests AI-generated copy for engaging product descriptions, tailored to your brand, using a product’s title and key attributes, such as color, material, and size. See Business Central Product descriptions in action

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Copilot turns News module insights that may impact key supply chain processes into action with contextual email outreach to help solve problems in real-time and with ease. See Copilot in Microsoft Supply Chain Center

The capabilities spotlighted here are just the start of AI-powered features to follow across business functions. Check the release planner for further details.  

Team up with a Partner that understands Microsoft Dynamics and can accelerate your growth. 

Companial has years of in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and business applications. Our dedicated focus on Dynamics makes us a unique distributor in the market, and radically increases the value we provide through our licensing services. 

What changes for Microsoft Dynamics Partners with AI?

On the one hand, Dynamics and Power Platform partners leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies can differentiate themselves in the market and provide even more value to their clients. See the full story Introduction of AI capabilities in Dynamics and Power Platform – what does it mean for Partners business?

On the other hand, utilizing constant technological advancements, we continue to work with businesses/customers to identify their unique needs and help them select and implement the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications:  

Technology binds Customers, Products, Employees and Operations into the digital feedback loop

Companies have more data points and face the challenge on how to effectively manage and leverage that exploding pool of data

Leads to increased focus on technology trends of Big Data and AI empowered by the cloud.​

Your Options to Maximize Your Potential as a Microsoft Partner with AI

Utilize AI powered product features today without significant investments

Start utilizing AI empowered specific features of Microsoft today! 

Boost Your In-House Efficiency

Use a virtual assistant that schedules your meetings, prioritizes your emails, and even drafts responses for you. Or, use an advanced analytics tool that crunches through complex data sets to uncover hidden patterns and trends, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Unleash Your Advantage and start deploying AI-enabled scenarios

Equip your sales team with the knowledge and expertise of Microsoft AI capabilities and differentiate your implementation business from the competition. Deploy Azure AI-enabled scenarios like Sales and Inventory Forecast, Late Payment Prediction, Cash Flow Analysis, or automate with Power Automate Flows.

Encourage Migrations

By showcasing the unparalleled advantages of AI-powered cloud solutions, encourage businesses to make the leap to the cloud, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. See Companial Upgrade assistance to Business Central or Finance and Supply Chain Management

Get started now! Here's what you need to do:

Discover the many ways that Companial has your back and helps you succeed! 

  1. Get an understanding of Microsoft’s vision and reality related to AI  
  1. Use AI tooling to increase internal productivity
  1. Start deploying AI-enabled scenarios
  1. Thinking about betting big on AI? Consider extending your portfolio with capabilities to help customers manage their data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions:

Stressed out by the overwhelming amount of information to digest?  Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Companial is here to help you navigate the maze of information and guide you towards a clearer understanding.

As partner we can rely on a perfect answer to every question, complicated licensing, price, or technical topics simply brought to the point. We have the right contact person straightforwardly on the phone to get the support that is needed. What we like is the close ties from "old nav” times. But moreover, we get concentrated information, always suitable for the partner and his requirements. Our longstanding, trusting cooperation always comes with a friendly smile, great understanding for us as partners and understanding of our problems and challenges.

Klaus Fander CEO, Aareon RELion GmbH

The great benefit is that we get very reliable services of top quality and we know what to expect and when to expect it, which simplifies our life a lot.

Johan Adenmark CEO, NAB Solutions AB

We appreciate the trustful cooperation and that we are always up to date with the latest information on Microsoft cloud through the offered webinars. Through the direct contact with Microsoft, which we would not have without Companial, our own growth from 0 CSP licenses to a Gold ERP and Small Midmarket Cloud partner was only possible thanks to the support of Companial. The only way to go to be successful in Business applications.

Andreas Eickel, Nico Straub Managing Directors, NAS conception GmbH

Working with Companial helps us to align our business strategy with Microsoft's vision and recommendations. Together we advance our cloud-oriented transformation strategy, addressing training issues, partner program competencies, application re-design, adoption of new technologies or exploring new market approaches. We are talking about global transformation, about our own digitization as a company for a new reality where software-as-a-service is on the top of mind.

Andrés Sáenz Magdalena Tipsa S.L.

Well-informed decisions and making business with like-minded people that is what I am facing when working with every one of your company. I would say that your services are helpful for us because you‘re not only doing the project but also working together to enable us to go further with it on our own. That is what I value most about your services.

Christian Lenz Project management and development, CTM Computer Technik Marketing GmbH

Our alliance in all these years has allowed us to develop and improve several of the Microsoft practices that we carry out. Being a member of Companial guarantees being up to date with all the news that occurs and their expert advice. In addition to taking advantage of agreements and alliances with third parties.

Juan Pedro Contreras López Director Operations, Prysma Calidad y Medio Ambiente, S.A.

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