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BIRDS creates a tabular datamodel from Dynamics 365 data to kickstart your Power BI projects with useful and Business reports and dashboards.

Plug-and-Play analytics in Power BI
Why build when you can buy? All essential reports from Dynamics 365 are immediately available in Power BI. Building a custom datawarehouse requires a lot of expertise in a specific subject. BIRDS is operational in just a few days. This makes your BI proposition stronger and the implementation easier. Standard when using BIRDS: Sales, purchase, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger , projects and manufacturing reports within Power BI.

With the prebuilt standard environment you get a kickstart with Power BI. Users can easily further adjust or create dashboards via the centrally managed Datahub.

Full Description

BIRDS is the intelligent data platform of choice for Power BI users. We deliver the ability to connect and compare data, down to the deepest detail, simplified. Our 10,000+ users spend minimal resources on data gathering; instead, they use our drag n’ drop analytical tools to build a set-and-forget, structured connection to sources.

The amount of insights will boost business decision-making. Connecting Dynamics D365BC to Power BI is straightforward, but a complete implementation and, more importantly, user adoption of BI software is often a challenge.

It’s not just your organization’s Dynamics 365 data that is needed for the insights you require; you also want cross-departmental and cross-functional insights. Creating a performance overview at the management level while also having the ability to zoom in at a micro level when necessary is a challenge. This often requires IT involvement as each new data requirement typically needs to be integrated separately with your BI tool or included in the report. Additionally, creating new reports is time-consuming, which leads you to stick with old-school Excel spreadsheets, delaying the “data-driven approach” and not working according to a “single source of truth.”

Meet Birds for Dynamics 365. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that accelerates the time it takes to build your Power BI environment. Birds ensures that Microsoft software is populated, and Azure services are put to work. Our consultants can work much faster because a significant portion of the work is handled by Birds. This saves a lot of time and consultant costs.


BIRDS handles the dataflows between Dynamics 365 and Power BI. BIRDS creates datamodels you can use in your business from day one after installation. You can enrich them yourself. BIRDS monitors the flows and is technology independent within the Microsoft stack.


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Retail price range €

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From 200 €

To 360 € per month

Implementation time

 2 days



(No training required)


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(Extensive training course required)

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