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Streamlining Efficiency: Companial's Expertise and Exceptional Service Save Time and Resources for Efima's Development Project



Efima is a pioneer in digital transformation and automation that helps large and medium-sized companies streamline their business with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management and intelligent automation solutions. At the heart of everything are people, cooperation and partnership. Their hybrid competence in both business processes and IT systems ensures fit-for-purpose solutions that are built to support customers’ business goals and individual needs.

I have been working with Dynamics for around 13 years, which makes me well-versed with the product itself. What I love about Dynamics 365 is its competitiveness and the fact that we can offer it to companies of any size, including those that have previously used SAP or other large ERP systems. Our team has achieved great success in implementing Dynamics for such customers.“- Arto Miettunen, Director, D365 Operations at Efima.

Arto Miettunen

Director, D365 Operations at Efima


Previously, Efima was primarily focused on the financial aspect of the product. However, in the last five years, they have shifted their focus towards supply chain management (SCM) production, successfully implementing a few full-scale ERP implementations in this area and actively looking for such projects.

We have also taken on the commerce part of the Dynamics 365 FSCM, so we are now using all the modules. The sweet spot is still, I would say, companies that have a large finance and operations and would like to have a cloud transformation. However, we remain open to working with customers from different industries and can adapt our services to their specific needs”, shares A. Miettunen.

Customer’s Situation Before Choosing Companial for Dynamics 365 Development and Technical Architecture

The collaboration between this large multinational construction company and Companial commenced back in 2019. Even though Efima had functional consultants who were pretty well aligned, they required additional support for the development aspect which Companial provided. Additionally, given the complexity of the technical architecture in large organizations like this customer’s Efima heavily worked with Companial’s technical team as well.  Moreover, Companial’s expertise in Dynamics 365 ensured that everything was properly managed and aligned with customer’s needs.

Development and technical architecture were the primary areas where we engaged Companial. Although we had our own technical architect working on the project, with the market being pretty hot in this area, they moved on to a different company which left us with a gap. Therefore, we reached out to Companial, and they provided us with two architects – one as the primary architect and another as a backup.”, explained A. Miettunen.

How Companial Helped Efima Exceed their Customer’s Expectations

The project that Efima has been working on with Companial was smooth and beneficial for both Efima and Their customer.

“We didn’t have to rush to recruit anyone in a hurry, and the resources and knowledge we needed for the project were provided seamlessly. The contract was also very flexible, which was beneficial for us. The team we worked with were pleasant individuals who integrated well with our team, and even visited us on occasion. Overall, it was a great customer experience with good cooperation and quality service from Companial.”

Solteq’s customers running Azure required their role-tailoring to be done with future-proof technology. Solteq’s Azure customers did not want to nurture physical servers on-premises or hire professionals for everyday maintenance of the servers.

In addition, Solteq’s customers wanted to have an ERP product that could be frequently updated to newer versions. This was so that whenever Microsoft delivers a cumulative update – this update would be immediately at their disposal. Moreover, Solteq wanted to provide their customers with a stable, reliable environment with a Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication option, to make their daily work much easier.

How Would Efima Evaluate our Development Service in regard to:


“In line with our expectations for the quality of the service provided.”

Delivery speed

“Tasks were completed on time.”


“We received necessary support throughout the project. The team was flexible, even working outside regular office hours and on weekends to align on technical updates.”

Would Efima Recommend Choosing Companial for the Development Projects to Others?

“On behalf of Efima, I would absolutely recommend Companial for the development projects. The team we worked with were highly professional, very flexible and they’re nice people in general.”

Time saved using the Companial for development projects           

“If we had needed to initiate a recruitment process to replace a Technical Architect on the project, it could have taken a considerable amount of time, as this is a highly specialized role that can be difficult to fill.”

Time saved using the Companial for development projects           

“At least 90%."

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