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Catch the Momentum of “Bridge to the Cloud 2” Promotion: An Exclusive Opportunity to Migrate your Dynamics AX Customers to Dynamics 365 F&SCM Cloud

Friday, June 23, 2023
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Are you looking to modernize your Dynamics AX customers’ business processes and take advantage of the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud technology? If so, you’re in luck as Microsoft has launched the “Bridge to the Cloud 2” promotion, which now allows on-prem Dynamics AX customers to transition to the cloud with favorable terms and significant cost savings.

This blog post will dive deeper into the benefits of “Bridge to Cloud 2” and the steps required to make the switch.

Why Microsoft Bridge to Cloud 2

As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner with a strategic approach, you can guide and support your Dynamics AX customers in this transition to the cloud, leveraging this promotion to help them realize the benefits of Dynamics 365. The Bridge to Cloud 2 promotion is designed for customers who have purchased Dynamics AX on-premises licenses through the Dynamics price list.

What Sets Bridge to Cloud 2 Promotion Apart from Other Microsoft Programs

There have been previous offers, such as the Cloud Migration promo (which ended in June 2023), that supported Partners in efficiently transitioning their Dynamics AX customers to the cloud. However, customers were required to have an enhancement plan fee to avail themselves of discounted cloud licenses, resulting in two costs: one for on-premises licenses and an additional cost for cloud licenses. With the Bridge to Cloud 2 promotion, customers don’t need to additionally invest in the maintenance of an on-prem solution.

Moreover, Partners can also benefit from this promo as it is delivered through the CSP NCE (Cloud Solution Provider new commerce experience), making it eligible for incentives and contributing to the Partner capability score for the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

Outstanding Offering for the Lapsed Customers

Dynamics AX on-premises has always been a complex solution, and some customers made the decision to forego paying a regular enhancement plan fee. As a result, they were unable to purchase additional users or functionalities. However, with the Bridge to Cloud promotion, both customers and Partners now have a unique opportunity to get back to the enhancement plan. Normally, customers would be obliged to pay for the entire lapsed period, but this promo offers a back pay cap of just one year.

For instance, if customers are experiencing growth, they can also purchase additional licenses for their on-premises solution. Simultaneously, they can begin working on migrating to the cloud, and after three years, they will be prepared for cloud operations. Considering the value of AX licenses which used to be quite high, the Bridge to Cloud 2 promo offers an exceptional opportunity to initiate the migration to the cloud.

Where’s the Catch?

While the Bridge to Cloud 2 promo may appear almost too good to be true, it does come with its own drawbacks. One such drawback is that if a customer decides to take advantage of the promo and migrate to the cloud, they are committed to the cloud. If, at a later stage, the customer changes their mind and wants to go back to an on-premises solution, they will be treated as a customer without an active enhancement plan and will be responsible for all reenrollment fees.

It’s important to consider that the promotion is in accordance with the new commerce experience (NCE), requiring a three-year term subscription. This means that the customer is obligated to pay for the whole term, and while they can increase the number of licenses during the term, there is no option to decrease the number of licenses.

Increase Your Efficiency During the Migration Journey with Companial‘s Three-Step Approach

Companial is the only indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) who can also provide Partners with technical assistance. We have built a well-designed approach that helps Partners throughout the whole customer’s journey towards Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management cloud:

1. Defining migration journey with the BestPath Assessment

With 200+ assessments successfully completed, the BestPath Assessment is a well-designed service, tailored to prepare Partners for a smooth migration process towards Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management in the Cloud.

2. Executing migration to D365 F&SCM in the Cloud

With over 10 years of expertise in successfully executing complex migration projects, our team of highly experienced professionals is trusted by 50+ Partners globally.

3. Managing the migrated solution with Solution Maintenance

With D365 F&SCM being updated continuously and functioning properly, Partners can remain confident in their solution.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity & take advantage of the "Bridge to the Cloud 2" promotion today.

Use the Bridge to the Cloud 2 Order Card to help calculate the investment required to make the transition (access requires Companial Membership). For more information on the Microsoft Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion, visit our knowledge hub.

Not a Companial member yet? Contact us to discuss how Companial can support you!

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