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Microsoft Power Pages – A Brief History


Join Chris Parkes, D365 Program Manager, as he talks to Ursula Koller, Corporate Marketing Manager at Companial, about the latest developments in Power Pages.

In this episode of Companial Talkies, Chris shares his insights on the new Power Pages licensing model, its benefits, and accessibility. You’ll learn about its history, acquisition by Microsoft, and evolution to Power Apps Portals. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion!


Companial Talkie
Companial Talkie

We know that it can be challenging to keep track of everything, including the market, the Dynamics Partner network, and news coming from Microsoft. That‘s why we are launching the Companial Talkie short episodes to share expert insights on discussion-worthy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform topics to make it easier for you to stay the best-informed Partner possible.

Microsoft Power Pages – A Brief History

Our latest episode of Companial Talkie is now live!

Join us as we explore Microsoft Power Pages – A Brief History.

In this episode, Ursula Koller, Corporate Marketing Lead at Companial, discusses with our Business Development Manager D365 & Power Platform, Chris Parkes, the impact of the Power Platform product Power Pages for the Business Central community. 

Here's a sneak peek of what
you'll learn:

  • Why is Power Pages so much of interest for the Business Central community too.
  • What do Companial partners need to know about the transformation of Microsoft Power Pages.
  • And some insights into the pricing and licensing scenarios.


Chris Parkes, Business Development Manager for D365 CRM & Power Platform

Whilst we all know that the C in CRM (or CE) stands for Customer, for many partners in our community and for us, our first association would usually be linked to Chris. Whether you meet Chris at an (online) event, attend one of his webinars or listen to his latest podcast episode, he is all about Dynamics 365 and its inseparable link with the Power Platform. Apart from this ambassador role, his true passion is helping translate a vision into simplified actions that partners can take to enable them to succeed and grow.

Ursula Koller, Corporate Marketing Lead

Ursula Koller has been Corporate Marketing Lead at Companial (previously QBS Group) since 2020. Her experience in marketing with well-known companies in the IT industry (A-Brands), such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft, includes a strong focus on the B2B partner business. As a result, she has extensive expertise in the field of business software.

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