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Sweden’s top ERP Specialist Saves 40% of the Budget with Companial’s Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online Services


About the company
Fellowmind is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partners in Sweden, offering business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Orango’s workforce consists of 250 employees and about one third of them is focused on helping customers running the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. In 2017, Fellowmind (formerly Orango) started a Cloud business line, in order to future-proof and streamline business processes and provide overall better performance to customers worldwide.

Roger Andersson

Account Manager, Fellowmind

The Fastest Way to Achieve Dynamics 365 Business Central Online Benefits with an Effective “Upgrade Factory”

At the beginning of 2020, Fellowmind’s long-term customer Comsys began considering an upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online. Fellowmind assessed its customer solution with Companial’s Upgrade Analyzer, an online service that provides technical upgrade
options at a fixed price and helps to choose the best upgrade path for your solution.

As the customer’s solution was lightly customized and there weren’t many constraints to move to Business Central Online, the decision was made to upgrade to Business Central Online in one step including all customizations. The chosen upgrade path is the fastest approach for moving to Business Central Online, allowing the customer to benefit from an always up-todate solution on the newest Dynamics 365 Business Central release.

For the technical part of the customer’s solution upgrade, Fellowmind outsourced these services to 1ClickFactory (currently Companial). Working with Companial enabled Fellowmind to benefit from industry expertise, eliminate the overhead of technical tasks and focus on effectively serving its valued customers.

“We decided to use Companial for the main part of all our upgrades a long time ago after we tested out the upgrade service. Together we have built an effective “upgrade factory” where the respective teams take care of different tasks.
Companial are technical experts and have tools and knowledge in this area helping us to focus on getting the customers up and running successfully,” shares Roger Andersson, Account Manager at Fellowmind.

Step into the Future with a Successful Upgrade Process

The customer’s solution was upgraded from Dynamics NAV 2017 to Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 (version 15.00). The project included:

To start with, both Add-ons were not yet SaaS-ready. In order to migrate Add-ons to Business Central Online, Companial got in touch with the relevant Add-on providers. The Add-on providers prepared the required Add-on versions and migration tools for Dynamics 365 Business Central version 15. And even though this resulted in minor delays, 90% of the upgrade project was delivered on time as planned by Companial. The successful Go-Live also included a free 3-month warranty from Companial.

Keep Up with the Pace and Benefit from Outsourcing to Industry Experts

Outsourcing services to Companial was helpful in saving Fellowmind 40% of its team’s time. It eliminated the need to set up an in-house team (that may subject an organization to long hiring and training processes) and invest time in executing the project successfully. In addition, access to Companial expertise, methodology and tools allowed Fellowmind to implement the project with higher precision and twice as fast as it would have taken otherwise.

With Companial, Fellowmind kept sight on the core business and increased its ability to remain focused by 60%. “By outsourcing the main part of the upgrade to Companial we can focus on taking our customers to the next level by supporting them in utilizing new functions and possibilities in the newest versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central”, adds Roger Andersson.

In addition, having an easy access to the top Companial expertise and services allowed Fellowmind to save on the costs associated with hiring, training, and housing an in-house team. With this upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central Online project, Fellowmind together with the customer managed to save up to 40% of the budget. “Using experts where it´s possible releases resources for us in other areas. By cooperation we get the best out of the possibilities and challenges we face in terms of customer upgrades”, says Roger Andersson, Account Manager at Fellowmind.


40% Saved time

60% Increased focus

40% Cost saving

Achieve High-Quality Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrades with Companial

Companial has over 13 years’ of expertise in helping Microsoft Dynamics Partners’ to successfully upgrade any Dynamics NAV/Dynamics Business Central solution no matter how complex, and our experience enables us to solve any challenges that crop up on time and risk-free, while offering upgrades at a lower cost. Using automation tools to optimize performance (such as the Upgrade Analyzer and C/AL to Extension Analyzer), Companial saves 70% of time that’s typically utilized during the upgrade process. We provide a free upgrade project assessment, a fixed price proposal and a free upgrade project warranty for up to 3 months, helping Dynamics Partners to deliver the best possible service to their customers.

Request an upgrade service today for a FREE upgrade analysis or contact us at if you have any questions.

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