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Business Central Universal Code Initiative

We guide you through the details, tactics, and readiness associated with the Universal Code Initiative.

This initiative replaces the Registered Solution Program (RSP) and the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program, and introduces an evolved fee structure for sales of non-Universal Code offerings to new customers from 2023 onwards.

On this page, we provide a brief overview of how we simplify, explain, and guide Companial partners through the Business Central Universal Code Initiative.

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What is it?

Microsoft continues to modernize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as part of their Cloud-first strategy. They encourage partners to develop and resell Business Central ‘Universal Code’ offerings going forward.

Universal Code Initiative #1:
Why is it such a hot topic?

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Universal Code Initiative #2: How does this impact the business of BC partners?

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Universal Code Initiative #3: What should partners do and can we help them out?

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What are the benefits for you as a Microsoft Partner?

Universal Code can be implemented everywhere, in Business Central online, in on-premises or Partner-hosted environments

Universal Code is much easier to update and upgrade

Universal Code is the new normal and the future, this is inspiring technological progress

By listing your Universal Code on Microsoft AppSource, you extend your sales force

By bundling your connected Microsoft cloud services with Universal Code, you generate customer stickiness

Universal Code frees up capacity to improve offerings and serve more customers.

What do you need to know?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution version
Requirements to implement Universal Code per solution version

Requirements to implement Universal Code per Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution version.

Universal Code is the only way to serve the Business Central SaaS environment and continues to be optional in the Business Central on-premises environments.

Though if you choose to continue with the code customizations in Base App (non-Universal Code) and serve on-premises customers solutions that are not targeted for online use:

  • Need to license two additional modules (“Implemented code is not in extensions” and/or “Implemented code is not cloud-optimized”), that educate customers they are on outdated technology.
  • There is an associated cost to these modules.

Check out the timeline and fee details here.

What do you need to do?

  1. Upskill your team and processes to develop every line of new code as a Universal Code.
  2. Check your ISV solutions and customer solutions Cloud readiness, identify and prioritize gaps, and think about how to close the gap.
  3. Use this opportunity to discuss with your on-prem customer path for them to migrate to Cloud.

How Companial supports you


On-prem to cloud migrations. Companial is the only official SMB ERP Distributor and Indirect Provider serving the full Dynamics 365 (on-prem and cloud) and Microsoft’s appointed ISV development center. We are here to support you on migration struggles:


Utilize Companial Academy to facilitate your readiness needs, we’ve got you covered.


Benefit from the Collective Knowledge of Companial community: through our events, we facilitate and stimulate collaboration. Stay informed, meet, discuss, hear concerns, learn, benchmark with other Partners and develop on both product and commercial level.

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