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Women in Dynamics

Why do we participate in Women in Dynamics

Friday, July 22, 2022
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Companial stands for inclusion in a multifaceted world

What is concept of inclusion?

Inclusion is a philosophy that urges communities and businesses to welcome and value everyone, regardless of differences. Fundamental to the philosophy of inclusion are the beliefs that everyone belongs, diversity is valued, and we can all learn from each other.

Women in the ICT industry

The truth is, that the proportion of women in the ICT industry is stagnating since 2013. There is a shortage in the tech industry: qualified workers are desperately needed, and the demand will continue to rise, because digitization is in full swing and the associated technologies will not disappear the day after tomorrow. What is striking about the industry is not only the lack of workers in general, but especially of female workers. Where are the women in the IT industry?

The technology industry—or at least its largest players—will likely continue to close the gender gap in the years ahead. 

Deloitte Global predicts that large global technology firms, on average, will reach nearly 33% overall female representation in their workforces in 2022, up slightly more than 2 percentage points from 2019. A 2-percentage-point increase, actually represents notable progress. 

Moving the needle is difficult, and even aggressive campaigns to recruit, hire, retain, and promote women have been found to work slowly. But while this progress is a step in the right direction, going forward, tech companies may need to work even harder to improve these numbers.

What is the Women in Dynamics initiative about?

The broad topic of inclusion also includes the topic of women in a male-dominated IT world. The year is 2022 and there is still a need to create groups for women in business. One of these great initiatives is Women in Dynamics, which operates under the umbrella of Directions 4 partners. It was founded out of the need to give women a voice in the Dynamics environment, but also to promote the attractiveness of the profession in the IT industry.

Women in Dynamics promotes diversity and inclusion within the international Dynamics Community. With Women in Dynamics, the organizers want to create more awareness and to ignite a change within the international Microsoft Dynamics community.

There are many communities that support women to proactively apply for tech roles, build skills and grow within their organizations. Whereas the goal with Women in Dynamics is to inspire and encourage more Microsoft Dynamics partner execs to commit to gender diversity and inclusion.

Why are we supporting the initiative Women in Dynamics?

Many companies claim to stand for diversity and inclusion. But does what is advertised in job ads correspond to everyday reality?

If you want to promote the next generation of female IT professionals, you should start early. But there is also a lack of role models. It is not enough for companies to rely on policies and social change. Of course, equality must be promoted in all areas, but above all, stereotypical attributions must be dismantled at the same time, only then will more girls and women dare to pursue an IT career. For companies, this means: make your female employees visible, create representation and approach girls and women as early as possible. Create mentoring programs, work with schools, get involved in initiatives such as Women in Dynamics.

We at Companial create working conditions that reconcile career and family life, because all genders benefit from this. With a high rate of 83% female Dynamics professionals in the entry level and a rate of 43% in the Senior/Director level we show the way of a balanced and diverse working environment.

In the upcoming articles of this series, from within Companial we introduce some of our colleagues and demonstrate how they can be role models for others. We show how they ended up working in the Dynamics Community, what the challenges are and how they can be inspirational for others to join the Community.

Furthermore as Companial is the largest and fastest-growing international network of Microsoft Dynamics Partners we also want to give a face to  our female colleagues in the respective partner organizations.

Ursula Koller