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Ensure a Seamless Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Using Insightful Solution Analysis


About the company
Efima is a software company that develops and implements digital business and financial management processes to large and mid-sized organizations from all industries. Efima is passionate about providing excellent service to its clients, in addition to its strong competence in enterprise resource planning, financial management and IT systems. Efima’s hybrid competence in both business processes and IT systems ensures fit-for-purpose solutions, focused on its customers’ business goals. “It is always great to see how our customers’ businesses are growing or at least moving strategically in the desired direction. Having the ability to find the solutions that improve our customers’ businesses is undoubtedly what I love the most about our company,” shares Kai Lyytinen, Business Director for Dynamics 365 ERP services at Efima Oy.

Given this vision, Efima is constantly looking for opportunities to help drive its customers’ business growth and keep them flourishing. That was one of the reasons why Efima chose Companial’s BestPath Assessment to evaluate their customers’ solutions and find the best way of moving them forward.

The Companial Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management team has already performed more than 100 BestPath Assessments and has earned the trust of Dynamics Partners all around the world. Efima was no exception, as they were so happy with the results of their first BestPath Assessment service, they decided to return and perform a solution analysis for several more customers.

Kai Lyytinen

Business Director for Dynamics 365 ERP services, Efima OY

What Led Efima to Choose Companial’s BestPath Assessment for their Customers’ AX2012 Solutions?

The biggest concern for Efima was whether their customers should do the technical upgrade or go with the implementation from scratch. Efima opted for Companial’s BestPath Assessment, as, according to Kai Lyytinen, they

“wanted to see what kind of effort would be required if we decided to do the technical upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.”

By using the BestPath Assessment, Efima was able to go through all the modifications in AX2012 with the enormous help of Companial’s professionals. By analyzing the code and bringing up the most important things to focus on, the Companial team was able to save time for Efima by deprioritizing things that were non-critical.

While going through all the modifications in their customers’ AX2012, Efima discovered that most of them were not needed. In this way, the BestPath Assessment helped them to evaluate the amount of work needed in cases where the technical upgrade would not be an option. By using the BestPath Assessment, Efima saved a lot of time and gained more insight into their customers’ solution complexity.

Features of Companial’s BestPath Assessment Service that Helped to Solve Challenges

Efima found the ease of using the BestPath Assessment a huge benefit, especially from the Dynamics Partner perspective, as, according to Kai Lyytinen, all they had to do was

“deliver the solution and give some basic information about the business and models that are being used.”

Efima became more confident with every solution as they already knew what to do and what to expect. Also, they were happy with the standardized procedure and clear responsibilities set before every project, as it helped to keep the project running smoothly.

“The best aspect of the BestPath Assessment was its ease of use for both our team and our customer teams. It was exactly what we wanted. You don’t have to spend that much time and you get a very reliable analysis report which is dependable as we haven’t spent any time on further analysis. The team at Companial have adapted to our customers’ schedule, when needed. The delivery speed was perfect, such as agreed and flexible. The whole process was clear and organized, we didn’t have to worry about the project management as everything was set up from Companial’s side and we knew every time what we had to do before each meeting.” – shares Kai.

Would Efima Recommend the BestPath Assessment to Others?

“Working with the Companial team was fun, reliable, easy and well-organized. We knew right from the beginning that we were in good hands! We would undoubtedly recommend the BestPath Assessment to others as it saves a lot of time and resources. I don’t know if anybody else could do it that fast and make it that easy!”

Kai Lyytinen Business Director for Dynamics 365 ERP services, Efima OY

The Companial’s BestPath Assessment helps both the Dynamics Partner and its customers to:

Save time by using a structured approach

Gain more visibility into project complexity

Reduce potential risks by keeping the best customizations

Outline a well-defined path moving forward

Achieve a fixed price proposal for the migration project

Are you searching for the right path to move your customer’s solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management efficiently?

Choose our reliable BestPath Assessment – get in touch with your local Companial representative today or contact us directly with any questions that you have at!

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