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AI Technologies: ChatGPT and Co-Pilot


Our latest episode of Companial Talkie is now live! Join us as we explore the fascinating world of AI technologies, including #ChatGPT and #CoPilot.

In this episode, Michael Hartmann, VP Marketing at Companial, asks our Partner Technology Specialist, William van Voorthuijsen, about the impact of AI on business applications and transformation.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn:

Companial Talkie
Companial Talkie

We know that it can be challenging to keep track of everything, including the market, the Dynamics Partner network, and news coming from Microsoft. That‘s why we are launching the Companial Talkie short episodes to share expert insights on discussion-worthy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform topics to make it easier for you to stay the best-informed Partner possible.

AI Technologies: ChatGPT and Co-Pilot

Join Michael Hartmann, VP Marketing at Companial, as he talks to William van Voorthuijsen, Partner Technology Specialist, about the fascinating world of AI technologies, including #ChatGPT and #Co-Pilot. In this episode of Companial Talkies, William shares his insights on the impact of AI on business applications and transformation. You'll learn whether AI is disruptive or not, how it's transforming business applications and driving business transformation, what Companial partners should consider about Co-Pilot in its current stage, and which customer and partner groups are best suited for AI tools. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion!

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William Van Voorthuijsen, Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Technology Strategist, Companial

William van Voorthuijsen has over 7 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics. His areas of expertise are selling, implementing, supporting, and migrating toward Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the experience of having his own company as a Microsoft Dynamics reseller, he has a good understanding of the challenges Dynamics Partners are facing today regarding the cloud transformation process. Currently, William is a #MSDYN365BC Subject Matter Expert at Companial, ensuring all Dynamics Partners are able to exceed expectations. Without question, William is a ‘Dynamics Partner Fanatic’ in heart and soul.

Michael Hartmann, Chief Marketing and Portfolio Officer

For many people in our community Michael will not require an introduction, as he has been leading the QBS Group since 2017. Working more than 20 years at Microsoft in various leadership positions across Europe and worldwide, we can simply state that Microsoft is part of his DNA. Within Companial Michael leads a team that manages the portfolio of offerings we bring to partners as well as our marketing communication and the 3rd party Independent Software Vendors that cooperate with Companial.

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