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Co-Orga GmbH's Journey of Innovation and Excellence

Origin and Growth: A Journey from One to Many


About Co-Orga GmbH 

Co-Orga GmbH is the trusted advisor for smart IT and digitalization solutions, driving customer businesses forward through the correct use and continuous optimization of IT as the backbone of business success. With two decades of rich experience, they have earned the trust of over 800 satisfied customers, helping them navigate the ever-changing technological landscape with confidence and expertise 

Vit Coufal

Founder, Managing Director, Co-Orga GmbH

In the vibrant city of Hamburg, Co-Orga GmbH, an IT company founded by Vit Coufal, carved out a niche in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Vit, originally from Czechoslovakia, ventured into IT in 1999. Beginning as a one-man show, Co-Orga GmbH flourished and transformed into a thriving enterprise with three core pillars: IT infrastructure, software development, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). 

One key player in Co-Orga’s journey is Jens Graven, who joined the company in 2012 with a vision for business development. Under his leadership, the team grew to a robust workforce of twenty. Now the Vice President, Jens spearheads the IT infrastructure branch, engaging with clients, conceptualizing solutions, and ensuring seamless operations. 

Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction with Managed Services

At Co-Orga GmbH, the Managed Services model has revolutionized customer satisfaction. Through long-term contracts, Co-Orga proactively ensures seamless operations, minimizing downtime and elevating overall satisfaction.

Founder Vit Coufal emphasizes, “Our low churn rates reflect our client’s contentment. To sustain this success, we’re focused on acquiring more customers and keeping them highly satisfied.”

Co-Orga’s unique approach involves bundling Microsoft services with their proprietary offerings, delivering a comprehensive Managed Microsoft 365” package. By fusing Microsoft 365 with third-party services and in-house expertise, Co-Orga provides clients a one-stop solution/service.

“We introduced ‘Managed Microsoft 365’ in 2020, combining Microsoft services, third-party tools, and our expertise. This comprehensive package ensures our clients receive seamless, integrated solutions tailored to their needs, says Jens Graven, Vice President of Co-Orga GmbH.   

End-to-End Integration

Co-Orga’s typical clientele comprises small to mid-sized organizations with 100 to 150 employees. They have successfully offered end-to-end services, seamlessly integrating IT infrastructure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This strategy has proven fruitful, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

“It’s uncommon to find a customer solely utilizing Business Central without Microsoft 365. In scenarios where different companies cater to the same client, providing end-to-end services proves highly effective. In such cases, if I were managing Business Central without Microsoft 365 licenses for a specific client, I would make every effort to secure those licenses. It’s essential to offer comprehensive solutions to enhance client experience and streamline their operations, says Jens. 

Strategic Bets and Future-Proofing

Co-Orga’s success is underpinned by strategic choices:  

We’ve chosen Companial as our exclusive Partner for all Microsoft licensing, a strategic decision that simplifies the management of relationships, support, and systems, says Vit. 

Successful Collaboration with Companial

Since 2017, Co-Orga has partnered with Companial (formerly QBS Group). The Co-Orga team sees a relationship with Companial as pivotal to their growth, and they appreciate the ongoing support, their dedicated Partner manager, and the positive evolution they witnessed in Companial’s platforms.

We streamline our billing process by receiving machine-readable files from Companial, allowing us to automate customer invoices quickly and efficiently. This time-saving approach is crucial for our operations.

Vit Coufal Founder, Managing Director, Co-Orga GmbH

“I greatly appreciate working with our Partner manager, Martina Plathe. Her enthusiasm to assist and her extensive knowledge are truly commendable. She is always a valuable resource, facilitating connections with technical experts effortlessly. Martina consistently proves to be an invaluable asset, making collaboration enjoyable and highly productive, says Jens. 


In conclusion, Co-Orga GmbH’s success story is a testament to its adaptability, innovative spirit, and strategic partnerships. By seamlessly integrating Microsoft solutions with their unique services, they have created a winning formula that keeps their customers satisfied and loyal.  

“At first, the cloud adoption in Germany faced resistance. Over the years, attitudes have changed. Today, every customer utilizes some  cloud IT elements, though roughly only 10% of our customers fully utilize the cloud IT capabilities. Even though we’re optimistic that cloud technology will replace on-premises infrastructure for even our smallest clients,” says Vit. 

“Innovative solutions and strategic partnerships define our journey. By integrating Microsoft services with our expertise, we’ve created a winning formula,” says Jens. 

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