Companial Privacy Policy for Recruitment

This Companial Privacy Policy for Recruitment (“Recruitment Privacy Policy”) is effective as of April 10, 2024.

By applying to an open position posted by or on behalf of UAB Companial, Companial Holding B.V., Companial B.V., Companial DACH Gmbh, Companial NA Ltd., Companial Nordics A/S, Companial EM B.V., Companial UK Ltd., or Companial Solutions Iberica (the global group of Companial companies referred to as “Companial”), you are consenting to our processing of your personal data and information as described in  Companial Privacy Policy and this Recruitment Privacy Policy.

You are recommended to check our privacy policies on our webpage frequently for any changes and updates related to personal data processing because Companial may update them regularly.


This Recruitment Privacy Policy sets out:

  • additional information about what recruitment-related personal data we collect about our internal and external job candidates and applicants and how we process such recruitment-related personal data.

The Privacy Policy sets out:

  • general information on how Companial collects, retains, processes, shares and transfers your personal data when you visit our websites; and
  • which are the legal rights that you have in connection with our collection and processing of your personal data.

When we refer to Companial”, “we” or “us” in this policy, we mean UAB Companial, Companial B.V. and any other entity of the global group of Companial companies acting as Data Controllers.

This Recruitment Privacy Policy applies to job applicants and their personal data disclosed to and/or collected by Companial during recruitment process (i.e. when you apply for a job, academy or internship position).

Please contact us at if you have any questions about our privacy practices.


We collect information necessary to evaluate your candidacy during different stages of recruitment process. You will be informed prior to any collection of your personal data, if required by applicable law.

2.1. Recruitment Process

When applying for a job position, internship, or academy at Companial, you will be requested to submit personal data, such as your name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, your primary language and an attachment of your resume/CV. You may also be requested to provide additional data and information, such as your address, cover letter, relevant education, test scores, titles, current or earlier employers, and any other relevant information required for Companial to evaluate your application and candidacy.

Interview and Assessment
During the interview process, we may ask you questions relevant for evaluation of your candidacy and therefore process additional personal information such as hobbies, salary expectations, career goals and other information you may choose to disclose to us during interview process.  We may also send you a task or test to evaluate your professional skills and/or request references from your earlier or current employer(s) or colleagues.

Once the decision is made to prepare an employment offer to a candidate, we request and process additional personal information such as personal code, identity document number, current address and other contact information, needed to prepare an offer and/or an employment agreement.

Please note that processing of employees’ personal information is governed by Companial Employment Privacy Policy made available after the employment agreement between Companial and a candidate is signed.

2.2. Earlier or Current Employees

Current Employees
If you are already employed within Companial, personal data collected by Companial as part of the employment, including but not limited to information on your internal job history, performance reviews, education and courses will automatically accompany your application when you apply for a new position internally.

Earlier Employees
If you have previously been employed within Companial, we will ask for your consent to process your employee data that may still being stored in accordance with the internal policies and applicable local law from this employment, including but not limited to information on your internal job history, reason for termination, appraisals, assessment results, education and courses.


We may process your personal data for the following recruitment purposes:

  • identifying and evaluating candidates for potential employment, as well as for future roles that may become available (the latter upon request or consent do so);
  • facilitating communication with you for the purpose of recruiting, providing information, references and recommendations;
  • accommodating your requests and inquiries for information;
  • monitoring your use of our website to enable us to personalize your experience on our web page;
  • keeping and maintaining internal business records.


We retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary after your last interaction with us as described in the Companial Privacy Policy. We delete recruitment-related personal data as follows:

  • If you have given your consent to store your personal data for future job possibilities, we will retain your personal information for up to 4 (four) years from the date of your consent.
  • If you have not given your consent to store your personal data for future job possibilities, we will retain your personal information for up to 6 (six) months after the job ad for a position you applied for has been closed or inactivated, unless and to the extent applicable law permits or requires us to retain certain data.


Should you have any questions regarding this policy or any data protection concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Team using the information below:

Post:   UAB “Companial”,
Sporto st. 7A, Vilnius, Lithuania.