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gbedv GmbH & Co. KG

How gbedv GmbH & Co. KG quickly implements Reliable Dynamics Upgrade projects.


About the company
gbedv GmbH & Co. KG, as a Microsoft Partner, specializes in Dynamics 365 Business Central installations and customizations. With their certified, standard software OPplus, you can enhance and simplify the Financial Management area of Microsoft Business Central. OPplus has nine modules and is a powerful solution for every single area of financial accounting. Over 3,500 companies worldwide use OPplus for their financial accounting.

Georg Böhlen

Managing Director of gbedv GmbH & Co. KG

What was the challenge with this project? What was the Partner’s situation back then?
  • The upgrade was from an old Dynamics NAV version 2.6 to NAV 2016
  • The customer environment was highly customized
  • Conversion from Forms to Pages was a huge challenge
  • Scarcity of resources
  • Internal lack of know-how
  • Timely implementation was unlikely with our internal resources

How did you learn about Companial (former 1ClickFactory) Upgrade Service?

“Another Microsoft partner (editor’s note: CTM Computer Technik Marketing GmbH) had ordered an upgrade project from Companial. Since this upgrade included gbedv modules, Companial approached gbedv. We then agreed on a joint project, where three databases needed to be upgraded. More or less this was kind of a confidence-building measure, which was implemented to our complete satisfaction.” says G. Böhlen.

How satisfied are you with the implementation of Companial Upgrade Service?

“The implementation was superb throughout! The service quality was excellent. We quickly realized that our own employees would not be able to implement such project with the same efficiency, because our team doesn’t upgrade systems frequently enough. One should honestly ask oneself here whether the use of one’s own resources in such complex project can really make sense. As already mentioned, the upgrade was finished faster than planned and afterwards immediately executable. Our customer could start his tests instantly. I would also like to mention once again the implementation at a fixed price, which gives you the planning security you want.” explains G. Böhlen.

Would you recommend the Companial Upgrade Service and why?

“The reliability and performance of Companial is quite remarkable. We couldn’t meet the same timeline and quality for the project delivery with our own resources. The people from currently Companial involved in the project were simply great!” shares G. Böhlen.

Are you also in search for a Partner to upgrade your customer’s solution to Business Central efficiently? Get in touch with your local Companial representative today!

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