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How to mix Business Central Essential and Premium licenses in the same tenant

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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In earlier versions of the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide it was clearly stated that customers may not mix Essentials and Premium users but must license at least one of Essentials or Premium users. Customers must license either Essentials or Premium users, not both.

At least in the latest version of the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide (July 2022) this section has gone, so that would assume that you can now mix and match both Essential and Premium licenses.

This opens opportunities for customers who have multiple entities, where only in a minority of them Premium functionality is required. You can simply deploy environments with only Essential users and a specific environment with only Premium users.

How to mix and match

If you deploy multiple Business Central environments, you are recommended to control access on each environment using security groups for each environment. In that way you can create security groups for each environment to include only Essential or only Premium licensed users.

Syncing users on Business Central SaaS environment as per business needs, will bring only Essential or only Premium users using viral sign-up procedure. Users will be registered to a specific Business Central environment using the direct link to an environment.

Once synced you only need to setup user permissions according to the internal security policy.

If you still need to sync more users (only Premium/Essential) on same environment with security groups activated, please use viral sign-up procedure to keep under synchronization process.

Using the functionality as described above gives you the opportunity to create the following combinations:

Environment 1: Premium + Team Member + External Accountant + Device

Environment 2: Essential + Team Member + External Accountant + Device

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