Our Resolutions After Recent Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
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At the beginning of each year, we invite our current partners to reflect on their experiences with Companial over the previous year by participating in the annual Companial Partner Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we receive is invaluable, clearly pointing us toward the areas that need improvement and those with the potential to create even more value for you – our partners.

Thank you for the honest feedback you’ve shared with us! Now it’s our turn to give you a summary of the current Companial partner sentiment, representing the voice of 353 individuals from approximately 290 companies across 34 countries. Most importantly, here you can also read about the resolutions we’ve made and the innovations we will undertake in response to your feedback.

Companial Partner Sentiment 2024

As visuals speak louder than words, here are the key figures representing Companial Partner Sentiment from the recent annual survey:

Overall Companial Partner Satisfaction 4.3 out of 5
Overall Companial Partner Satisfaction growths statistic
Net Promoter Score is 49

Following the classic NPS calculation model (a scale from 0 to 10), the Companial’s 2024 NPS reached 49, which falls in the high NPS range. This demonstrates strong advocacy of Companial services within our partner community. Notably, 61% of partners who responded rated their likelihood of recommending Companial as a 9 or 10, the highest possible evaluation.

and professionalism

and responsiveness


and human contact

Our Resolutions and Focus Areas

To continue delivering an outstanding experience to our partners, we will focus our attention on driving improvements and innovations in these three distinct areas:

Partner closeness

Operational excellence

Information service

Partner Closeness

Being helpful and available at any time to share our expertise with our partners is one of the key value adds, as highlighted by our partners in their feedback. We will continue to ensure more individual attention is given to our managed partners from local Companial representatives – through regular conversations about your challenges and emerging needs, Companial partner community events, and personal and professional support for your requests.

Our effort last year to keep our Foundation partners well-informed about the latest news and conversations happening in the market was well received by this group of partners. We take this as your endorsement to continue encouraging Foundation partners to join our regular informational partner community events.

Operational Excellence

Information Service

Thank you for being a part of this continued innovation by sharing your voice with us!

Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene

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