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Unveiling the Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Top Talents in the Dynamics Partner Channel

Monday, November 13, 2023
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In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pressing concern of attracting and retaining talent, a top priority for Dynamics Partners. Our recent survey reveals that a significant 74% of Partners face the challenge of insufficient implementation and maintenance capacity.

But there’s more to discover. To get the complete picture, take our survey and gain access to the full report. Your journey to understanding and overcoming these challenges begins here.

Understanding the Purpose Behind Learning Journeys

As one of the largest distributors in the Dynamics ecosystem, we serve approximately 1000 Partners primarily focused on Business Central. When engaging in conversations with our Partners about their growth strategies, it consistently boils down to one thing – if our Business Central Partners want to increase their revenue, they must invest in experts.

Despite the new, rapid implementation methods and product innovations, the demand for implementations remains high. This is why we need highly skilled individuals to drive this business. While it may be tempting to consider hiring new personnel or offering higher salaries to existing experts, this is not a sustainable way to address this challenge.

Figure 1. Business growth strategies

A sustainable approach to addressing challenges involves investing in what is commonly referred to as the “employee life cycle,” which consists of the following stages:

  1. Attraction: Position your organization as the preferred employer of choice.
  2. Recruitment: Provide applicants with concrete learning programs that align with the likelihood of new hires staying.
  3. Onboarding: Ensure immediate access to relevant learning programs during the onboarding process.
  4. Retention: Respond promptly to skills needs and offer training for skills that are actively utilized.
  5. Development: Offer opportunities for self-skill development.
  6. Separation: Transform departing employees into advocates. For instance, when someone leaves the organization, they can still be valuable ambassadors during your organization’s attraction phase.

Our approach involved careful consideration of the employee life cycle and how we could best support our Partners throughout its various stages. As we examined the management of this employee life cycle, it became clear that we needed to take proactive steps to assist our Partners. This is where the concept of Learning Journeys came into play.

Key Features of Learning Journeys

Our Learning Journey program has two key components:

  1. EVP Toolkit: This toolkit empowers Partners to become the employer of choice, catering not only to new hires but also existing employees. It streamlines the recruitment phase of the employee life cycle by providing ready-to-use resources such as social media posts, banners, and manuals for easy implementation.
  2. Learning Journeys: These structured learning paths focus on Business Central proficiency. They offer a curated sequence of Business Central boosters, enriched with Microsoft Learn content. This organized approach ensures efficient learning, unlike the scattered content available elsewhere. Learning Journeys is designed for both new hires and experienced individuals seeking continuous growth.

Explore the numerous benefits that Learning Journeys provides, already trusted and used by over 2,000 Business Central professionals:

We continuously update Learning Journeys to reflect industry advancements and recently introduced the PL-200 certification to also meet Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program requirements.

If you think Learning Journeys can help you reach your goals, give it a try risk-free . Enroll and you have a 30-day cancellation window. Companial members can also use service credits to cover costs.

Or, join the newly announced Microsoft “Reskill” program where Learning Journeys takes place. The program covers three phases: hire, train & coach.

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