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Introducing the Microsoft “Reskill” Program

Bridging the talent gap together!

We understand that talent scarcity and limited diversity can make it difficult for Business Central partners to attain their business ambitions.  Partners now have the opportunity to participate in the “Reskill” initiative, which involves recruiting individuals with industry-specific or specialized skills from outside the Business Central ecosystem and retraining them to become skilled professionals in Business Central.

A packaged offering

Reskill is a Microsoft Learn Career Connected initiative executed in close collaboration with Revolent, Neural impact and Companial

The program consist of 3 stages:  Hire –  we recruit net new talent tailored to your needs. You can also choose to recruit yourself, and bring new hires in the program. Train – we train your new hires towards product experts, and we train your new hires on professional skills Coach – a six-month coaching program boosts employee retention, while consistent community activities further refine these skills. 

1. Hire

In this phase, the program assists you in identifying and recruiting individuals ready to excel in the Microsoft Business Central ecosystem. Choose between Partner-Assisted Hiring, collaborating with Revolent’s experts, or Independent Recruitment, supported by the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) toolkit. Regardless of your choice, the Hire stage provides access to motivated individuals on a journey to become Microsoft Business Central professionals.

2. Train

This phase focuses on developing Business Central product skills within the Learning Journeys.

Developer Learning Journey: Newly hired developers follow a structured path to build technical expertise in Microsoft Business Central. This includes foundational training, practical projects, obtaining MB-820* certifications, and support from experienced instructors.

Consultant Learning Journey: Newly hired consultants acquire proficiency in Microsoft Business Central, gain expertise, earn MB-800 certifications, engage in client projects, and receive benefits from expert instruction.

Key Features:

  • Practical learning: Hands-on experience with real-life projects and assessments.
  • Accessibility: Easy access to learning resources and support teams.
  • Motivation: Encouragement and celebration of achievements to boost confidence. 
  • Guidance: Our instructors are readily available to answer questions, elucidate concepts, and provide support when challenges arise
  • Continuos: learning journeys are designed to support continuous learning and development, 1 year of access is included in the program.

3. Coach

Immediately after hiring, this stage provides comprehensive support, emphasizing business-facing skills such as project management and consultancy acumen, to ensure well-rounded professionals ready for client projects.

Join the Microsoft Talent Program and unlock your business’s full potential today!

The synergy between the Hire, Train, and Coach stages offers a tailored approach to talent development, addressing immediate needs and empowering candidates to excel in their careers.

We really enjoyed all aspects of the training from the exercises to the training sessions and the seminars. We had the choice between attending live sessions or going at our own pace with pre-recorded sessions. Although these pre-recorded sessions were not live, if we had any questions, we could still ask them and have them answered at a later time.

Valérie Coutu President of JOVACO (Canada)

“We see the [Business Central Learning Journeys program] as the ultimate one-stop shop for getting our new employees fully trained in the Business Central solution. We really loved how the training program is built up, it is easy to use and well structured. The feedback from new employees is positive.”

Taavi Sadam Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manager, Columbus Estonia

“Aside from the live webinars, exercises and tests, our [Business Central] consultants really liked the real cases that were used as examples, because they weren’t too far off from what they would actually encounter in their jobs.”

Erik International Project Manager, Cosmo Consult (France)

“It was a good mix of theory and exercises which helped me to prepare for my current job content. The real-life case studies are a big help. They resemble the reality quite good. It really helped me to acquire a basic level of knowledge about Business Central and AL. I recommend it!”

Brecht ERP developer at Christiaens (Belgium)