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Managed Services

Take your business to the next level with our well-designed Managed Services!

Keeping up with the demands of a growing business and addressing the gaps that arise can be challenging. Besides, managing everything internally might burden your IT team significantly. With Companial’s Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications (Business Central, Finance & Supply Chain Management, Customer Engagement), you have a solution that offers numerous benefits!

Tailored to your unique needs, Managed Services empower you to enhance daily business processes, focus on crucial projects, and serve a larger customer base.

Why Managed Services?

Capacity boost

We help to increase the capacity by enabling to handle more implementations.

Cost efficiency

We assist in reducing the need for investment in automation and infrastructure required to provide high-quality Managed Services.

Revenue growth

We help you generate a revenue stream by onboarding more customers in need of Managed Services, creating recurring revenue opportunities and potential upselling prospects for the future.

Customer satisfaction

We provide your customers with exceptionally stable, top-notch, and cutting-edge Managed Services, potentially boosting their overall NPS.

What we offer

Companial’s Managed Services offer various services with different pricing models (Dedicated Team or T&M) based on your specific needs.

Reactive Services
  • Resolve incidents originating from production environments with the help of both, technical and functional consultants
  • Technical support:
    • Debugging the code, investigating logs, working with SQL
  • Functional support:
    • Working with the end users, partner and client teams to find resolutions for the incidents
  • 24/7 support for first priority incidents

Planned Services

  • Change request and development services
  • Service requests
  • Functional and technical consultancy
  • Technical Application Management

Proactive Services


  • Dynamics AX, batch, virtual machine and/or SQL monitoring
  • Weekly health checks of the production environment & weekly health report, preventing potential technical problems

Solution Maintenance & Extension Maintenance services

  • Gathering and developing of test cases, developing automated tests, performing manual and automated testing


  • Identifying the necessary activities to be carried out before the release of each Microsoft Update

To learn more about pricing models and the services included in each phase, please download our Managed Services description.

“In Companial, we've found a partnership based on trust, quality, expertise, and a commitment to ensuring our customers receive the utmost care and expertise. Companial goes beyond support by providing exceptional customer life cycle management services."

Jazz Sewnandan Lead Managed Services & Lead Tech Delivery at Conclusion MBS