For ISVs

Value Added Distributor

Grow your revenue by marketing and distributing your IP to our entire Reseller network via the Companial Solutions Marketplace.

Companial is a unique Value Added Distributor in the Microsoft Dynamics channel, and supports both Dynamics Resellers and ISVs with all the necessary strategic and operational changes. Our Solutions Marketplace is daily used by a thousand Resellers to order and maintain Microsoft licenses, helping Resellers serve end-customers efficiently. In addition, all ISV solution providers who choose Companial Solutions Marketplace can expand their market without investing in operations and free up time for new releases.

All Microsoft ISVs can benefit from our full range of distribution services which include:

Companial marketing services helping to attract new Resellers:


Solutions Marketplace allowing distribution and monetization

Companial partnership

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The benefits of having Companial as your distributor

Increased reach


Single contract

Billig and credit management

Reseller enabling

Increased visibility

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