MCPP update – New SMB Track for Business Applications Designation

Monday, September 26, 2022
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Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and the 6 solution designation a while back. In response, our Partners raised a number of challenges, including the relatively high thresholds and the number of certified people needed to get the Business Application solution designation.

As Companial serves an ambassador for our Partners with Microsoft, we gave them consistent feedback that with the original thresholds, many Partners would not be eligible for the benefits of the solution designation. Now, with the announced changes, many have a good chance. It is good to see that Microsoft listened to feedback we (and others) provided. We worked proactively with Microsoft, resulting in their announcement of the addition of an SMB track to the solution designation for Business Applications.



What are the details of the SMB track?

The Business Applications SMB track will differ from the Enterprise track in all metrics to better fit the needs of Partners primarily focusing on the SMB market. Fewer certified persons are needed and the revenue thresholds will be lowered, although it will require more customer adds and growth to achieve maximum points.

Your organization is automatically categorized into one of the two tracks, depending on the number and the size of customers you tend to serve. It will become available in your Partner Center, so you can track your progress and see in which metrics you will need to improve to achieve this SMB path designation.

Further information and details about the updated Business Application designation can be found at the Microsoft Partner Network website and Partner Center Docs.

The new SMB path was created to assist more Partners in their cloud business journey and achieve the designation with its benefits, but it will still not be easy. Companial is here to help you.

General reminder on MCPP

The Microsoft Partner Program will be rebranded as “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program” and will be restructured into six solution areas that Partners can specialize in. These solution areas are aligned with the Microsoft Cloud and go-to-market, and will replace the current competency-based model.

Progress in a chosen solution areas will be measured by the “Partner Capability Score (PCS)”.  It is based on a holistic framework measuring performance, skilling, and customer success. To qualify as a “Solutions Partner”, Partners need a Partner Capability Score (PCS) of at least 70 points out of an available 100.

As an additional qualifying level, “Specializations” and “Expert programs” will give Solutions Partners ways to further stand out and demonstrate deep technical expertise in specific technical scenarios under each solution area.

Our Partner Recommendations

We want to share our recommendations with you so you can  start getting familiar with the new program and how to progress towards a designation.

  1. Review the “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program” announcement and assess associated changes.
  2. Familiarize yourself with new Solution Partner designation for Business Applications and assess and plan your transition:  Solutions partner for Business Applications (
  3. Plan your attainment of the Solution Partner designation:
    • Review your status and progress towards a Solutions Partner designation at your Membership dashboard and the related Insight section in the Partner Center.
      Here you can find an overview video of the solution partner dashboard.
    • Check that all customers/deployments and certifications are recognized correctly.
      If not:
      • Check eligibility criteria
      • Link certified employees
      • For data discrepancies contact MS support
    • Skilling is the first area to focus on. Plan training and certification preparation to fulfil these requirements. Supporting training and  preparation offerings can be found at the Companial Academy. This gives you a baseline of 35 points (for Business applications).
    • Assess what is missing to get to the required 70 points and plan how to close the gap through customer acquisition and accelerating deployments and usage.

Further Information

For more information on the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, visit our Fast Track to Microsoft Cloud Partner Program​, view the Companial Talkie for a 5 minute update on the important points and read our blog series for more in-depth knowledge.

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