Why a Membership Pays Off

You could become a successful Microsoft Partner alone, but there is a more effective way.

At Companial, we believe in the power of doing things together, whether you are just starting up your business or are an experienced Microsoft reseller with a proven track record, we can help. It is our ambition and promise that our Membership delivers value, improving the performance of all our Microsoft Partners. 

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The Companial Membership is there to make sure you…..

…Stay Up-to-date and Informed.

Announcements and changes from Microsoft are released at a rapid pace. As a Microsoft Partner it can be challenging to stay up to date and evaluate whether an update is relevant to you or not. Through our close relationship with Microsoft and dedicated focus on Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform, we are confident that Companial members are the best-informed Microsoft Partners around.

…Get the Support you Need, and More.

We don’t stop at providing the support that a distributor is obliged to give, we always go the extra mile. Our Microsoft Partner Care team is available for any licensing or ordering query you may have, and our product experts are ready when in-depth product support is needed. Call us old fashioned, but we still believe in providing support by local people, who you know and who know you.

…Benefit from the Collective Knowledge of our Community.

A Membership with Companial is not intended as a single engagement with you as an individual Microsoft Partner. Through our community and events, we facilitate and stimulate collaboration. As standalone business applications are replaced by integrated platforms, it is key for understanding how best to take advantage of the expertise of other resellers or ISVs, and vice versa.

….Succeed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Your success is our success. It is as simple as that. Whether it’s our local Microsoft Partner Success Managers, smart functionality in our ordering platform, the training offered through the Companial Academy, or a business strategy workshop, it is all about one thing: Helping Microsoft Partners to perform better.

For the New Kids on the Block

Are you considering starting a Microsoft Dynamics or Power Platform practice? Our membership will allow you to get going in just one day. The indirect CSP model removes any upfront investment or volume thresholds.

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