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Digitalizing business processes through IT. That is the core ambition of the entire Companial community. The way we do that is subject to constant change.

At Companial, we don’t pretend to have all answers. Still we are confident that our skills and expertise will serve you well and enable you to perform better as we join you in this journey. The ways we can support you vary based on your unique business needs. It could be ongoing support and engagement through our membership program, it could be complete learning through a Companial Academy course, and it could also be through providing technical services and consultancy to resolve challenges in terms of complexity, scalability or capacity.

We invite you to explore all the options in our membership and services section on this website. And finally, as we always prefer the personal approach, never hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific business challenges!

How our work used to be


In the past, your customers could be served with solid standalone ERP, F&O or CRM solutions. As reseller, you would complete the offer with your own market-specific (or sometimes customer-specific) customizations, and typically work from one large implementation project on to the next one.

This sequential business has long determined our sales process, our implementation and resource planning and revenue streams. In fact, many partners had successfully optimized their organizational processes for it.

But now times have changed.

What customers demand today

Today’s IT landscape is all about cloud-based business applications, and the flexibility that comes with them. Customers expect fast and agile implementations, plug-and-play integrations, and solutions that can enable real time data analytics.

Over the years, Microsoft has embraced this change and translated it to their products, bringing Dynamics to the cloud, updating the licensing model, and introducing almost limitless functionality through Microsoft Dataverse and Power Platform.

Formerly, as QBS Group and 1ClickFactory, and now as Companial, we have always been strong proponents of the transition to the cloud, and the potential these investments hold. But at the same time, we see the challenges they present, and work hard to support our Partners along this journey.

Here are the most common challenges
we’re asked about:

What challenges do you face?