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Become successful with Microsoft Business Applications and CSP

Do you want to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud proposition and business applications?

There has never been a better time to be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner! With the new Dynamics 365 and Power Platform releases, Microsoft has hit the target by providing exactly what the market was looking for. Though Microsoft software is a minor ingredient within your success, your offerings and services constitute a significant piece.

Achieve the growth you want

The Microsoft Business Applications market is growing every day, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of that growth!

Growth with Cloud

Did you know that recurring cloud services growth is 10X more than the one-off sales model? When your business has built up recurring revenue with your customers, the steady cash flow can carry you through a downturn in the economy.

Growth with Next Generation

The Next-Gen buyer is already comfortable in the cloud – they bank, shop, and manage their health in the cloud. As a Microsoft Partner, you can build a customer base that provides predictable revenue and stable cash flow for a solid financial foundation for business growth.

Growth with Guidance

The key is to get started and grow. Start from where you are. Select a plan that works for you, and Companial will be by your side to make sure your journey is smooth. When you have our team of experts by your side, you’ll have the confidence to go to market faster.

Join the growth journey! Navigate Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) complexities effortlessly with essential tools and support.

Companial is the safest Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (Indirect CSP) choice for any Microsoft Business Applications Partner

Companial prioritizes expertise over volume, and local and personal contact over outsourced service desks. We support Partners new to the Cloud Solution Program with comprehensive training and guidance, and help even the most experienced Partners solve complex technical challenges.

Expertise and experience come with deep focus, which is why Microsoft Business Applications, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform are at the heart of what we do. We are the best option for all the Dynamics and Power Platform resellers out there.

Team up with a Partner that understands
Microsoft and can accelerate your growth

Companial has years of in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and business applications. Our dedicated focus on Dynamics makes us a unique distributor in the market, and radically increases the value we provide through our licensing services.




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Looking for an Indirect Cloud Solution Provider? Check out this guide for the top considerations.

Partner stories

"We at Oseberg Solutions AS are very satisfied with the help we receive from Companial in licensing issues, and we are happy to recommend other partners to leverage on Companial's knowledge of this matter. We save a lot of time on the collaboration with Companial, since we get great help to stay updated on all changes and opportunities around Microsoft licenses."

Rune Sørdalen General Manager, Oseberg Solutions

"We've chosen Companial as our exclusive partner for all Microsoft licensing, a strategic decision that simplifies the management of relationships, support, and systems."

Vit Coufal Managing Director, Co-Orga GmbH

"We appreciate the trustful cooperation and that we are always up to date with the latest information on Microsoft cloud through the direct contact with Microsoft, which we would not have without Companial, our own growth from 0 CSP licenses to a Gold ERP and Small Midmarket Cloud partner was only possible thanks to the support of Companial. The only way to go to be successful in Business applications."

Andreas Eickel, Nico Straub Managing Directors, NAS conception GmbH

"As partner we can rely on a perfect answer to every question, complicated licensing, price, or technical topics simply brought to the point. We have the right contact person straightforwardly on the phone to get the support that is needed. What we like is the close ties from "old nav” times. But moreover, we get concentrated information, always suitable for the partner and his requirements.  Our longstanding, trusting cooperation always comes with a friendly smile, great understanding for us as partners and understanding of our problems and challenges. "

Thorsten Beyerstedt Managing Director, Aareon Deutschland GmbH

"To my experience every employee at Companial understands the challenges of the Dynamics business. That's why we also buy our Azure and Office licenses through Companial. What I appreciate about Companial is the trusting cooperation with competent contacts who help me to develop my Dynamics business better. From license management to training and updates, I receive comprehensive and competent support. Companial provides us with reliable updates from old versions to the current version with good reporting and at fair conditions. Helps a lot! "

Klaus Fander CEO, acadon AG

What will you get by partnering with Companial?

Find out more about Companial Membership

And our services do not stop with the license order. Companial was founded with the mission to provide end-to-end support whether you’re facing challenges getting ready to enter the market, expand your impact, or overcome any technical complexity.

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