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Become successful with Microsoft Business Applications and CSP

Do you want to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud proposition and business applications?

There has never been a better time to be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner! With the new Dynamics 365 and Power Platform releases, Microsoft has hit the target by providing exactly what the market was looking for. Though Microsoft software is a minor ingredient within your success, your offerings and services constitute a significant piece.

Revenue versus profit contribution

When it comes to gross profit the service and IP component is more critical than the license itself

Source: Partner Economics Directions EMEA 2021, Microsoft Digital transformation series by IDC 2020

Achieve the growth you want

The Microsoft Business Applications market is growing every day, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of that growth!

Growth with Cloud

Did you know that recurring cloud services growth is 10X more than the one-off sales model? When your business has built up recurring revenue with your customers, the steady cash flow can carry you through a downturn in the economy.

Growth with Next Generation

The Next-Gen buyer is already comfortable in the cloud – they bank, shop, and manage their health in the cloud. As a Microsoft Partner, you can build a customer base that provides predictable revenue and stable cash flow for a solid financial foundation for business growth.

Growth with Guidance

The key is to get started and grow. Start from where you are. Select a plan that works for you, and Companial will be by your side to make sure your journey is smooth. When you have our team of experts by your side, you’ll have the confidence to go to market faster.

But there are some things to consider

Evolving market conditions, combined with the ongoing need to understand and incorporate changes from Microsoft, mean we need to consider the following.

Make your offering cloud-ready

And adapt your GTM where needed

Engage with your customers

Understand their challenges to guide their digital transformation and transition to cloud.

Empower and educate your employees

Make sure your sales and technical teams are up-to-date with new Microsoft developments and other skills or competencies

Take Microsoft cloud licensing to the next step

Differentiate yourself by serving your customers with the best fit in licensing options.

Create capacity and strengthen capabilities

Prepare for smooth implementations and accurate support

Optimize time-consuming operations

Benefit from smart IT platforms, or outsource repetitive tasks.

Team up with a Partner that understands
Microsoft and can accelerate your growth

Companial has years of in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and business applications. Our dedicated focus on Dynamics makes us a unique distributor in the market, and radically increases the value we provide through our licensing services.

Find out more about Companial Membership

And our services do not stop with the license order. Companial was founded with the mission to provide end-to-end support whether you’re facing challenges getting ready to enter the market, expand your impact, or overcome any technical complexity.

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