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How SucceedIT goes the extra mile for their customers with the support of Companial’s Dynamics knowledge and network


About SucceedIT
Martin Plaat always had a vision for how to improve the IT industry. To bring this vision to life, Plaat founded SucceedIT 10 years ago, bringing specialists at the intersection of processes and IT together to serve medium-sized companies in trade, eCommerce, wholesale, and manufacturing.

As experts in technical deployments and systems integration, SuceedIT works with Microsoft ERPs (mostly specializing in Dynamics 365 Business Central), reporting software, and best-of-breed tools to support its customers’ business needs. 

Martin Plaat

Founder, SucceedIT

What Makes SucceedIT Relevant?

SucceedIT gained an advantage over its competition by adopting the cloud from the very beginning. By investing in implementation methodologies and focusing on the simplified customer experience SucceedIT reached 30% quarter over quarter growth.

“We also have an advantage in the market because we do not use a lot of customization, and this has made the transition to the cloud much easier. We are also continuously improving our consultancy activities and making sure we go the extra mile in making everything easier,” shared Plaat.

SucceedIT’s company culture and size fit perfectly with their SMB customers.

“We are pragmatic and most of our consultants are from the business world. SMB’er always helps another SMB’er, that’s a fact,” Plaat added.

Expanding Capabilities to Serve Customers

As a Microsoft Partner and an advisor for your customer, you must keep in mind not only Business Central, but also all the other Business Applications available, such as CRM or BI tools as well as Microsoft 365. This extensive Microsoft offering differentiates us from local competition and brings significant value to our customers. This is where Companial comes in with an important role, providing Microsoft Dynamics expertise and a community connecting Dynamics Partners. This partnership model, according to Plaat, allows them as Partners

“to give maximum support to our customers and as Companial has a network of ISVs, it provides with a possibility to work closely with them as well as Companial connects us with them.”

SucceedIT finds the Microsoft channel hugely beneficial, as there are companies that are specialized in building solutions on top of Microsoft solutions. A great example of this is Task Factory, which has developed a scanning solution, meaning that there is less customization needed.

It is controllable and is maintained by companies that understand what they are doing and is being used by a great number of users. By working with standard solutions and not with customization, we make it easier for ourselves and our customers,” explained Plaat.

How the Partnership with Companial Started

As Companial is the only distributor exclusively focused on Microsoft Business Applications, and the only indirect CSP in Europe that can do both on-premises (legacy) and CSP, it was no surprise when SucceedIT chose Companial as their licensing provider. As SuceedIT has a wide base of international customers that already consists of 90 NAV/BC customers and 45 EasyStock customers, it was highly important for the Partner to avoid any complexity in license structure and to discuss licensing questions as well as channel incentives, price changes, and Microsoft campaigns.

“We are the partner of a network and we are happy to receive help from Companial as a distributor on various questions to help us and our customers,” said Plaat.

SucceedIT Recommends Companial as a Licensing Distributor and an Indirect Provider for CSP

According to Plaat, Companial offers “not just transacting licenses, there is much more in addition to that.” Microsoft Business Applications as products and programs are constantly changing and evolving. Partners have a task to empower and educate employees, and make sure sales and technical teams are up-to-date with new Microsoft developments and other skills or competencies. In the complex and changing Business Applications environment, Microsoft Dynamics Partners have a choice: invest hundreds of hours to keep up to date with Microsoft licensing, programs, and technology changes, or receive digested information through Companial.

“The team at Companial understands and truly cares about partners’ needs when it comes to supporting their customers. Besides, valuable, and informative training courses are being offered, and there is clear communication about the latest developments in Microsoft solutions,” shared Plaat.

The Companial’s ability to also provide support for marketing & sales activities was one of the main reasons that led SucceedIT to become a member of Companial Partner network. “Companial can connect us with other partners so that we can work together to help our customers exceed their expectations,” said Plaat.

Request licensing advice now and don’t forget to join Companial and the largest Dynamics Partner community by becoming a member!

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