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Guide to MB-820 success with the Developer Learning Journey Track!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Unlock your potential as a Dynamics 365 Business Central developer with our targeted readiness path, designed to guide you to MB-820 exam success. Begin with our foundational ‘Core Development Specialist’ and ‘Advanced Development Specialist’ Booster Programs to solidify your basics. Enhance your skills with the ‘Telemetry Masterclass Webinar’ and culminate your preparation with the comprehensive ‘MB-820 Preparation Webinar’. This structured approach ensures a deep understanding of Business Central development, equipping you with the expertise needed for the exam. Ready to advance? Dive into our readiness path for MB-820 success – just an alternative or inspiration.

Our Developer Learning Journey already includes everything you need to prepare for this new exam

Everything required for MB-820 exam readiness is included within our Developer Learning Journey, offering a holistic approach to your exam preparation – just an alternative or inspiration.

The MB-820 exam is required for a Developer to attain the following certification:

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer Associate

The exam measures the following skills:

Our comprehensive path for this exam is made up of 4 different training objects:

Tip: Embark on our comprehensive readiness program to ace the MB-820 exam, starting with the foundational ‘Core Development in Business Central Specialist Booster’, followed by the ‘Advanced Development Specialist Booster’, and culminating in the ‘Telemetry Webinar Training’. For those with solid foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in Business Central development, the ‘MB-820 Preparation Webinar’ can be pursued directly. However, completion of the initial three components is highly recommended to ensure a deep and thorough understanding before tackling the preparation webinar.

To recap, this is the recommended order:

  1. Core Development Specialist in Business Central
  2. Advanced Development Specialist in Business Central
  3. Expert Session – Telemetry Masterclass

Once you have the necessary knowledge level, acquired from attending the three training objects listed above, you are ready for the final step: attend the MB-820 Preparation Webinar!


This MB-820 Preparation Webinar covers a comprehensive range of topics aimed at preparing individuals for the MB-820 exam and enhancing their skills in Dynamics 365 Business Central development. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  1. MB-820 Exam Overview and Information: Participants will gain an understanding of the exam structure, requirements, timing, online format, and registration process. They will also learn about the resources available on Microsoft Learn to aid in their preparation.
  2. Learning Journey Overview – Readiness Program: Exploring the Readiness Program tailored to prepare individuals for the exam and improve their proficiency in Business Central development.
  3. Learning Topics: Covering crucial subjects such as app differentiation, administration, permissions, development environment setup, extension development, page and report development, code management, events, application language proficiency, testing, performance optimization, and data handling/integration.
  4. Test Exam: Engaging in assessment exercises, understanding various question types, and reviewing examples to gauge readiness for the exam.
  5. Q&A: Addressing any queries or concerns related to the training material or exam preparation.

Through this comprehensive training program, individuals will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in Dynamics 365 Business Central development and successfully pass the MB-820 exam.


Need help preparing for the exam? Reach out to your regional representative for more information, or order Learning Journeys.

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