Empowering every Dynamics partner to exceed expectations

We empower. Our mission is to improve Dynamics Partners’ operations, their commercial efforts, and their effectiveness in digitalizing the business of their customers. We enable and position Partners to succeed.

We say ‘every’ Dynamics Partner in our mission statement. We do not restrict ourselves to the Dynamics Partners that are already in our community, we want to be there for every Dynamics Partner in the world.

We share our expertise in the area of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, with Power Platform as a platform to customize, connect and extend applications in Dynamics 365.

Partners are at the center of all our efforts, and if a Partner is successful, we will be successful too.

We empower Partners to exceed expectations: their own expectations, their employees’ expectations, and most of all, their customers’ expectations.


We are the most preferred community and center of expertise for every Dynamics professional in the world.

We do everything to build and expand the largest and most preferred community of Dynamics Partners in the world. This community is all about building and strengthening the relationships between partners, ISV partners, and Microsoft. To put it simply, strengthening relationships between all active professionals in the Dynamics world.

When it comes to Dynamics and Power Platform we are the center of expertise. Our experience and capabilities can be utilized through our Partner Success Managers, support from our Partner Care team, and through our rich set of business and technically oriented services.

We want to be there for every Dynamics professional. For those in our membership community and for those outside. Wherever you are in the ecosystem, whatever kind of professional you are, we facilitate a community in which you can gain and share knowledge.

Our ambitions are not bounded by any geographical limitation, we aspire to serve every Dynamics professional in the world.  Yet, we strongly believe in a local relationships and presence. That is why we expand our community step-by-step.