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Updates to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP)

Thursday, May 18, 2023
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In March 2023, Microsoft updated the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) Business Application designation thresholds and specializations based on valuable feedback from the Dynamics community.  


There are two paths to qualify for the Business Application designation: the Enterprise and the SMB. 


Summary of changes for the SMB track thresholds

Changes made to the SMB path will make it easier for Partners to achieve this designation.


Category Subcategory Threshold
Microsoft Solutions Partner Business Applications, SMB track 
Old threshold Max points 
Performance Net Customer Adds 5 Customer Adds, >250$ Adjusted revenue 20 Customer Adds, >500$ Adjusted revenue 15 points 
Skilling Intermediate certification 5 functional consultants + Devs 20 points 
 Advanced certification 2 Architects 15 points 
Customer Success Deployments 5 Production deployments, MIN 5.000 monthly consumption value 10 Production deployments, MIN 5.000 monthly consumption value 20 points 
 Usage growth Monthly Consumption value growth of 30%+ across all customers with a minimum of 25,000 Monthly Consumption Value Monthly Consumption value growth of 45%+ across all customers (vs baseline >=50.000) 30 points 
Total points 100 points 
Minimum total points required for Solutions Partner Designation 70 points 

Summary of changes for the Enterprise track thresholds

There were also some changes to the Enterprise path: in the “Net customer adds” category 5 new customers will be required, with a minimum revenue of 1,500 USD per month. Previously you needed 10 new customers with 500 USD each. 

Increase in the Monthly Consumption Value for “Customer Engagement deployments”

Another change which was already communicated a while ago is that the rate for the Monthly Consumption Value for “Customer Engagement deployments” has been increased five-fold from 40 to 200, which makes it easier to qualify Customer Engagement deployments for the Customer Success categories. 

New Specializations for Business Application designation

Once a Microsoft Partner achieves the designation, they can aim for a Specialization.  

Previously there were two specializations for Business Applications designation:  

This has now been expanded and four new specializations have been added: 

Have any questions about the MCPP?

For more information on the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, visit our Fast Track to Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

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